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Q: Are there different types or uses of geothermal power?
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Which renewable energy source uses the heat of earth interior to generate power?


What country uses the most geothermal power?

The US generates the most geothermal energy in the world.

What is the only country in Europe that uses geothermal power?

AustriaFranceGermanyIcelandItalyPortugalTurkeyAll these European countries use geothermal energy.

Which uses heat from underground to produce electricity?

Geothermal power

Which renewable energy source uses the power of earths interior to generate power?


Can geothermal power plant be used anywhere in the US?

yes because geothermal uses the heated rock which is everywhere

Which nation uses significant amounts of geothermal power?


What state uses the most geothermal energy?

The United States leads the world in production of Geothermal Energy. 2010 figures show 3086 megawatts produced from 77 power plants.

Are hot springs and geysers examples of geothermal activity?

Yes, this is true. Geothermal power is the only form of renewable energy that does not originally come from the sun. Geothermal power uses the heat from deep inside the earth.

Where does geothermal energy come from nuclear or power plants?

Geothermal energy comes from power plants that pump water underground near magma. Iceland uses a lot of geothermal energy as there is an abundance of geological activity near the surface.

What are the uses for petrol?

petrol is used to drive your car or to help power different types of electric!

What natural resources were Europeans looking for?

The European Union uses several different types of renewable energy. In Europe many utilize wind energy, as well as solar energy. Other types of renewable sources of energy used by Europe are bioenergy, geothermal power, wave power and hydrogen fuel.