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Are there fireflys in Montana?

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yes there is,it is called the northern fireflies

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What do fireflys drink?

what do fireflys drink?

Why do you see fireflys?

Fireflys appear in some places, such as New York, because they need to mate. Fireflys appear during the summer when its warm and leave when its cold.

Do fireflys have teeth?


What insect does a blacksmith manafacture?


Who is the song fireflys by?

Owl City :D

What does fireflys eat?

They eat nectar, and your mom.

Who sings the fireflys song?

Owl city

How do fireflys protect themself?

they flash lights

Why do fireflys flash?

They flash to communicate with other firefly's!

Did J.K. Rowling like songs?


What insects or bugs light up?

Fireflys and or lightning bugs.

Why are fireflies called fireflys?

I think fireflys are called fireflies cause they have little lights in their bottoms and when they light up their butts they look like little fires in the SKY! ITS SO BEAUTIFUL!

How big do fireflys get?

1/4 of and inch to 3/4 of an inch

What are examples of bioluminescence?

certain animals such as fireflys and viperfish use bioluminescence.

Did the Americans have any Sherman fireflys on D-Day?

yes they sure did

Where are lightning bugs found in the world?

Lightning bugs, or fireflys, are found on every continent.

Where Do Fireflys Lay Eggs?

some firefly' lay eggs on leafs. And some eat them.

What 8 letter words that start with f?

fire-hoses, fireflys, flippers, ferrerro, freaking

What do fireflys eat?

they eat anything that a normal insect would eat Kalee Reynolds try to Google me

What animals that eat fireflies?

This is an interesting question as it varies depending on the species of firefly. Some fireflys are actually eaten by different species of fireflys which trick them with calls from their own species. These are actually signals with their lights, sort of a visual Morse code for fireflys. The victim flies to the area expecting a date with one of their own only to become its' dinner. Of course nightflying birds and frogs will also enjoy a meal of firefly given the chance, as will other insects and spiders.

Who is the singer of the song Fireflys and what kind of disease does he have?

Owl City A.K.A Adam Young is the singer who sung Fireflies, and he does not have a disease.

What is a personification for firefly?

Fireflys enjoy taking strolls in the night sky. They like to use their light to express their happiness and morality.

How do fireflys flash?

a chemical reaction between luciferin and luciferase happens inside the abdomen and rebounds of their reflector causing a large flash.

Can you please list really good songs?

paty in the usa and fireflys and even if the sky is fallin down and i know you want me and you belong with me and beat it

Who are fireflys predetors?

Their predators are mostly just different frogs. Some propose that their lighting capabilities are meant to be a warning to predators of their bitter taste.