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No, the Dead Sea is called "dead" because its high salinity prevents macroscopic aquatic organisms, such as fish and aquatic plants, from living in it.

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Q: Are there fish unique to the dead sea?
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Do plants and fish live in the dead sea?

There are no fish or plants living in the Dead Sea; it is truly dead (due to very high salinity).

What are fish that are no longer in the sea?


Where can you not fish in the world?

In the dead sea

Are there fish in the dead sea?

if so they are dead. too salty.

What is the unique characteristics of the dead sea?

you can float in it ans=d it is a deep sea

What is dead about the dead sea?

The dead sea is considered "dead" because the water is to salty for any fish or anything to live in

What species of fish can be found in the Dead Sea?

Let me see... none it is the dead sea. That is why it is called the DEAD sea. It is too salty for life.

The sea in which neither fish nor animals can live?

Dead Sea.

Fishes can live in the Dead Sea?

Fish can't live in the dead sea because of the salinity of the water making it impossible for fish to spawn, but some bacteria and organisms can live in the dead sea because they have adapted to the large dense salinity in the dead sea.

Why is the sea of Jordan called the Dead Sea?

The sea of Jordan is called dead sea because it is a closed sea and because of its high salinity with which no fish is available in the sea.

Where does the ghost crab live?

In an aquarium full of dead fish or in the dead sea :)

Why don't fish live in the dead sea?

The Dead Sea is way too Salty for any living thing to live in. If it did it would immedietly die. Uhh that makes no sense, where are the dead fish then?

Where is the Dead Sea and why the fish can not live in it?

The dead sea is located next to Israel. There are several reasons why fish can not survive in it. The first one is because of the high salt content.

Which sea contain no fish?

The Dead Sea contains no fish because of its high salinity. Only some bacteria and fungi are in it.

Are there living organisms that live in the Dead Sea?

Yes, but no fish due to the dead sea's very high sodium content.

How does a sea urchin get food?

Sea urchins get their food at the bottom of the sea floor to eat dead fish.

Why shouldn't dead fishes be removed from the sea?

Life forms in the sea rely on each other to survive. A dead fish ends up being food for larger numbers of sea plants and animals. Removing dead fish would upset the balance of the sea ecosystem.

What is unique about the dead sea?

The Dead Sea has a ton of salt in it. It has so much salt in it that people can float effortlessly! It is the area in the ocean with the highest salt content.

What do the lifeguards do for people who swallow Dead Sea water?

they shove a dead fish down their throat then tell them "you like that dont you?" Hahaha your a fish

What did Jesus do at the Mediterranean Sea?

Actually he never was at the Mediterranean, but was at the Dead Sea. It was at the Dead Sea he fed thousands with one fish and healed people as well as walked on water.

What do hagfish eat?

Hagfish are scavengers. They eat dead fish or other dead or dying sea organisms.

What lives in the dead sea?

Haloarcula marismourtui (which means , roughly , salt - loving boxlike bacterium that lives in the Dead Sea) has unique proteins that protect it from the depredations of salt.

What makes a sea anemone unique?

Sea anemones coexist with clown fish, who are not bothered by the anemone sting. The clown fish hide from their enemies inside the anemones and the anemone eats scraps from the clown fish. . The clown fish also clean the sea anemone's tentacles.

What is the name of the fish that was cut in half by God and thrown to the dead sea?


What is the dead sea known for?

being very salty and not containing any fish.