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Are there free Acting classes in Manhattan New York City?


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August 10, 2009 6:46PM

The Magnet Theater offers a FREE INTRO TO IMPROVISATION with Armando Diaz. Check their website for new dates and other improv and acting classes and workshops. It's a really great community of very supportive people. The theater also offers great shows at a very reasonable price including a improv mixer where anyone can sign up and try their hand at improv. ONE OF THE BEST CLASSES IN NEW YORK is offered by a private coaching institute for Broadway and Film Actors (one of the best kept secrets in New York) called The New York Professional Actors and Directors Institute. They are offering a free class every week for Actors and Directors "HOW TO BE AN AWARD WINNER." This is free class for those who are now, or would like to be a Professional Actor or Director, at the level of Broadway and Major Motion Pictures etc. The Institute boasts the most accomplished theatre and film Coaches and Instructors in NYC. You won't find it online or in the phone book, you have to contact for more information. They work only with Actors and Directors who have a passion to improve conditions of life globally, through the Arts. If you're a visionary or have a passion to improve life on planet earth for everyone, go ahead and contact them.