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not really, but if you have an HP computer go to the game section and type Virtual families. you can play for 4 times free and no downloading! try it!

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What are some free virtual worlds with no downloading for teens?

A free virtual world that does not require a download is Gaiaonline.

Is there any free online virtual worlds with no downloading where teens can have fun like on sims?

Ourworld or Habbo or IMVU.They're all free just sign up.easy-peasy!

What are some clean fun virtual worlds for teens that don't require downloading?

Animal Jam, another free world, unless you get a special membership.

Who knows any free virtual worlds with no downloads for teens?

Smeet is a Very good virtual world. I love it

What are cool virtual worlds for teens?

FREE REALMS ALL THE WAY. its actually really fun.

What are free virtual worlds?

clubpenguin.com poptropica.com habbo.com (this is a really good one for teens) neopets.com

What are free no downloading virtual worlds for girls?

fantage,ourworld,barbie,pixie hollow,moviestarplanet,nick,and polly

Virtual free worlds with no downloading?

www.Virtualfamilykingdom.com is free and does not require a download! There is also Xivio, it is the only 3D virtual world without a download. It only requires adobe flash player.

What are some free virtual worlds for tweens?

habbo is a free and fun virtual world

What are free online virtual worlds?

The Internet is home to many free online virtual worlds. For example, Runescape is a free to play massively multiplayer online role playing game.

What is a virtual world with downloading that is free?

FreeRealms is a site where you must download it but it is totally free.

What are some good virus free virtual worlds?

Xivio.com is great! Its a 3D no download free virtual world!!!

Where can you find a virtual game online without downloading?

Xivio.com is great! Its a 3D no download free virtual world!!!

Adult virtual worlds free?

I think IMVU could do it?

Are there any Games like adventure quest worlds with no downloading?

There sure is meez.com is a great website.IT is free and no downloading

What is a free virtual world?

a free virtual world is an online world. where you can chat like facebook. you can have private chats but mostly when you chat the public can see(those which are playing). and you can play too. for 12 and under i would recommend club penguin and moshi monsters and poptropica. for 13 or 12 and above (teens) i would recommend stardoll and woozworld. there are still lots more free virtual worlds on the internet. tough i usually play on those virtual worlds listed above.

What are some virtual worlds for teenagers?

Try Xivio.com, its a free 3D virtual world! No download too!

Is there any virtual that is free and does not have membership?

well there one i know switchin it a wedsite with 4 virtual worlds

What are some 3d virtual worlds?

Try Onverse, It's a free 3D virtual world! Super fun!Try Xivio, its a free 3D virtual world! No download too!

Virtual worlds for free?

onverse is the best out there you must play it sign up

Free virtual worlds with no email?

Poptropica and Mcworld. Hope I helped. ._. :D

What are ten virus free virtual worlds?

Ourworld.com StarFeveragency.com Moove.com Frenzoo.com

What are some cool free online games that you can play with out downloading?

Xivio.com is great! Its a 3D no download free virtual world!!!

Are there free virtual worlds for 10 year olds?

yes there is moshi monsters well most of its free

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