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Theoretically, there are infinite parallel universes in the multiverse, however it is not necessarily widely accepted that the multiverse exists.

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Q: Are there infinite parallel universes in the multiverse?
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What is the diameter of the multiverse since there at least 10 to the 500th power or more parallel universes in the multiverse?

Parallel universes are hypothetical which means their existence is only a conjecture.

How many dots represent the number of parallel universes in the multiverse?

10 to the 500th+ dots represent the number of parallel universes in the multiverse (with 100 billion+ galaxies in each one).

Is it possible that there are parallel universes which form the multiverse?

It is entirely possible, but difficult to verify, one way or the other.

What is the meaning of 'multiverse'?

Multiverse or meta-universe is basically a theoretical explanation, idea or thought of a set possible infinite universes. It includes time, space, dimensions, matter and physics.

How many parallel universes are in the universe?

3, or perhaps more. It depends on the theory to which you ascribe. For example, recent research done at the Princeton Institute for Advanced Studies (IAS) led to the creation of ekpyrotic theory. According to ekpyrotic theory, our universe and its creation stems from the collision of two "branes" that could theoretically and literally represent parallel universes. According to Julian Barbour, an infinite number of parallel universes exist, since every time a decision is made on either the microscopic or macroscopic level, a bifurcation is created leading to the birth of a new "universe". Long answer short, minimally 2 parallel universes, maximally infinit.

What is the 'super universe'?

7 universes spinning counter clock wise. Another viewpoint. The only time that I have seen this term used is as another way of saying the "Multiverse". The Multiverse is a large number of "parallel" Universes. There are several different theories that propose the Multiverse, of which our Universe would be just a small part.

Could everyone have their own parallel universe?

In theory there are a infinite parallel universes, one for each possibility.

Are there 100 cenquinsexagintillion universes in the multiverse?

Yes, there are 100 cenquinsexagintillion or more universes (with 100 billion+ galaxies in each one) in the multiverse.

How is the multiverse defined?

The multiverse is a hypothetically infinite reality containing all local regions of space-time governed by their own physical laws called 'universes' including the one known to and experienced by humans.

How many universes are there according to the Multiverse Theory?

According the the Multiverse Theory, our universe exists as a bubble among a plane of countless other universes, though that's not the limit to how many there are. This plane, which contains many universes, is just a bubble itself, floating in a sea of other bubbles. This sea is just a bubble, too, on a plane of other bubbles, each containing planes, seas, bubbles, planes, and bubbles. According the the Multiverse Theory, there are an infinite number of other universes.

What is A structure that may contain many universes?

Multiverse ;)

How is the multiverse defined in science?

The multiverse is a relatively new theoretical framework for describing our universe and how it came to be. It is proposed by string theory and quantum mechanics. It is often described as infinite space or higher-dimensional space in which there are an infinite number or a huge finite number of universes including the observable universe in which we live.