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Parallel universes are hypothetical which means their existence is only a conjecture.

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Q: What is the diameter of the multiverse since there at least 10 to the 500th power or more parallel universes in the multiverse?
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How many dots represent the number of parallel universes in the multiverse?

10 to the 500th+ dots represent the number of parallel universes in the multiverse (with 100 billion+ galaxies in each one).

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Are there at least 10 to the 500th power or more parallel universes in the multiverse?

Simple answer: we don't know. 10^500 is the number of permitted solutions to the equation that is the basis of M-Theory. In other words, M-Theory not only predicts a universe that looks exactly like ours, but it also predicts 10^500 other kinds of universes. It's as if someone wrote down an equation for the current assets of Google Inc ("CA(G)") as CA(G) > $1 and took note that this formula correctly "predicted" Google's assets as of 2014 January 1. At the present time, we don't yet know if 1) M-Theory is anything more than a mathematical oddity with no connection to reality. 2) There are other universes out there. 3) Those other universes also obey the rules of M-Theory. 4) Those other universes -- if they exist at all AND obey M-Theory -- are like ours, or are (instead) a completely different solution to the formula. 5) There is one to one correspondence between "permitted solution" and "other universe." For all we know, 40% of all other universes are like ours, 17% are solution 175,023,985,254....998 to the M-Theory Equation, and the rest are "other solutions." Right now, all we have is speculation about the above questions. There may be one Universe, there may be 100 trillion, there may be 10^500, there may be an infinite number. We just don't know. Perhaps future minds can answer these questions.

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