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No, koalas live in Australia. Australians are very protective of their koalas, and leave very few into zoos. In fact, I think there might be NO koalas in zoos; that would be a fun topic to look up. =) Hope this helped!

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Kangaroos are native only to Australia. Any kangaroos in Mexico will be found within zoos.

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Q: Are there koalas in Mexico
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What are adult koalas called?

Adult koalas are simply called koalas.

Are koalas primates?

Koalas are not primates. Koalas are marsupials.

Are there koalas in Ghana?

No. There are no koalas in Ghana. Koalas are native to Australia alone.

Are koalas in Germany?

There are no koalas in Germany. Koalas are endemic to eastern Australia.

Do koalas have?

yes koalas do have necks

Do koalas have dens?

do koalas have nest

Are there koalas in Cuba?

There are no koalas in Cuba. Koalas are endemic to Australia, where they are native to the eastern states.

What animal are koalas?

Koalas are marsupials, which are pouched mammals. Koalas are native to Australia alone.

Do koalas use mimicry?

No. Koalas do not actively mimic anything.

Do koalas mate?

Yes. Koalas reproduce through sexual reproduction.

What family name koalas have?

the koalas family is ...

Do koalas sneeze?

Certainly koalas can sneeze.