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Thirteen bobcat subspecies are currently recognized.
yes..The bobcat resembles other species of the Lynx genus, but is on average the smallest of the four. Its coat is variable, though generally tan to grayish-brown, with black streaks on the body and dark bars on the forelegs and tail. Its spotted patterning acts as camouflage. The ears are black-tipped and pointed, with short, black tufts. There is generally an off-white color on the lips, chin, and underparts. Bobcats in the desert regions of the southwest have the lightest-colored coats, while those in the northern, forested regions are darkest. Kittens are born well-furred and already have their spots.[10] A few melanistic bobcats have been sighted and captured in Florida. They appear black, but may still exhibit a spot pattern. With 12 recognized subspecies, it ranges from southern Canada to northern Mexico, including most of the continental United States. The bobcat is an adaptable predator that inhabits wooded areas, as well as semidesert, urban edge, forest edges, and swampland environments
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What is a bobcat?

A bobcat is a North America mammal of the cat family ,felidae. Their latin name is Lynx Rufus meaning lynx with red hair. They have a spotted reddish brown fur, tufted ears and short tail. They eat small mamals such as rabbits, mice, woodchucks, skunks, raccoons and moles, birds, such as grouse, s ( Full Answer )

How many bobcats are left in the world?

Approximately 725,000 to 1,020,000 bobcats left in the world. I got this from lol the guy who made this first mest up with spelling. Bobcats live in North America and approximately 725,000 to 1,020,000 bobcats remain in the wild.

Why are bobcats given the name bobcats?

They are called bobcats because of their bobbed (short) tails. It's a feline (cat) and has a short (bobbed) tail. Bobcat. The bobcat got its name from the fact that it's tail is bobbed (orshortened) They are from the cat family and they have a bobbed (meaning looks like it was cut off) tail when the ( Full Answer )

How many bobcats are there?

Exact numbers are impossible to calculate. It depends on which area of North America you mean. Estimates provided by the US Fish & Wildlife Service (From 1988) place Bobcat numbers anywhere between 750,000 and 1.5 million. Yet, they are considered to be threatened in three Northeastern states. See ( Full Answer )

What are the enemies of a bobcat?

Humans (due to habitat loss or the poisoning of rabbits, squirrels or mice), Lynxes, Mountain lions (Pumas, Cougars), Wolves, Foxes, Coyotes, Eagles, Hawks, Ospreys, Owls, Wolverines, and Badgers present a clear danger to the Bobcat's survival.

How does a bobcat get food?

It stalks it's prey and after an hour of watching, it pounces for it's prey.

What are a bobcats traits?

A bobcat is a predatory animal that looks something like a housecat but is much bigger. Bobcats like to eat small rodents and livein the wild. Bobcats primarily live in mountainous region but theycan be found almost anywhere in the United States.

What are the threats to a bobcat?

human are the most threatening to bobcats because they kill and skin the bobcats for its beautiful and soft fur. Humans also destroy the habitats of bobcats. Answered by the amazing Cloe Surmaesus (SUR-MAY-SUS)

Can you have a bobcat as a pet?

No because you will need a very big backyard to put the bobcat and it might be dangerous to people that have not spent time to know the bobcat very well.

What instincts do bobcats have?

Well, of course bobcats have an instinct to breathe and eat, but some other instinct is to fight when cornered. Another instinct is to to chase, capture and kill prey.

What do bobcats do?

Bobcats do a great variety of things during their lifetime. Thesecats hunt, breed, sleep, and play with each other. Lives just like any other animal. They breed, give birth, raise their young, hunt for food, and most of all they try to not be seen. They are a very elusive animal.

What kind of food do bobcats eat?

bobcats eat small animals (snake and birds and fish). rarely deer. bobcats eat fish and dead insects,they sometimes also eat animal skin Rabits,rats,mousses ,and sometimes a bird

What kind of hydraulic oil for 722 bobcat?

I worked for a year at a rental store, they used havoline 10w30 for hydraulic oil for skid steer loaders from bobcat, case, they also used it in almond back hoes which are also hydrostatic driven. Wether or not this causes early deteriation of the rubber hoses and seals I could not tell you, I woul ( Full Answer )

How many kinds of what kind of dogs they are?

Many There are over 300 breeds of dogs! Here are just a few dog breeds: . Beagle . Belgian Malinois . German Shepard . Bulldog . Poodle . Yorkshire Terrier . Cockapoo . Dachshund . Akita . Shih Tzu . Welsh Corgi . Shiba Inu . Siberian Husky . English Sheepdo ( Full Answer )

How many bobcat species?

There is only one species of bobcat, which is a member of the lynx family.

What kind of hydraulic fluid does a Bobcat T190 use?

i found that the t190 uses hydrostatic hyd oil further research found that transmission fluids are hydrostatic which means you can use either a tractor trans oil or even a torque oil 50 also high temp hyd 100 is also used

What kind of symmetry do bobcats have?

I cats are mammals and therefore vertebrates, and all vertebrateshave bilateral symmetry. This means they have symmetry across oneplane (known as the sagittal plane, and directly down the centre oftheir body), which means one side of their body approximatelymirrors the other side.

Where and how do bobcats get their water?

Sometimes, they will take the water from human dwellings where it is left outside for domesticated pets. In the more wild areas, their keen sense of smell leads them to sources such as rivers, streams, and lakes.

What region is a bobcat in?

The bobcats' North American range covers all of the US, parts of Canada, and parts of Mexico. There are thirteen Subspecies of bobcat. Please see the related link listed below for a range map and more information:

How many offspring does bobcats produce and how often?

Bobcats typically live to six or eight years of age, with a few reaching beyond ten. The longest they have been known to live is 16 years in the wild and 32 years in captivity. They generally begin breeding by their second summer, though females may start as early as their first year. Sperm producti ( Full Answer )

What is the range of a bobcat?

Specific to North America, the bobcat (with thirteen Subspecies) ranges throughout the US, parts of Canada, and parts of Mexico. The Mexican bobcat is endangered (November 2011). See the related link listed below for a range map and more, detailed information:

Can a bobcat be domestic?

Not for long... as kittens born of a female domestic cat impregnated by a male bobcat, they grow twice as fast as domestic cats and are ready to strike out on their own when they reach six-to-eight WEEKS of age.

Who are the enemies of the bobcat?

Eagles and Hawks will eat their young. Wolves, Cougars, and Coyotes will take adults as well. Not to mention humans... Man. A gun.

What kind of animal is a bobcat mammal insect ect.?

Bobcats are mammals. Mammals are (usually, not always) creatures that have multiple joints with four legs or two arms and two legs, hairy, give birth to live babies, and can breast-feed their young.

Do bobcats have fangs?

Bobcats do have fangs. You wont really see them cause there in the cats mouth. If you dont believe this you can figue it out by getting bit or feeding one.

Do bobcats have camouflage?

Yes. I once saw one just outside of a neighborhood, skirting a mountainous area, that was a dull orange color with black spots. Pictures show some of them to be gray or tan in color, with dark spots.

Are bobcats in Chicago?

50 0/0 chance there ismy auntie saw a big fat tanted thing ran pass her house it looked like it was in the cat family but im not sure

What can a Bobcat do?

Bobcats are the most versatile small machines I've ever seen, Mostly the come equipped as front loaders, but the standard Bobcats can take a small backhoe, a bulldozer blade, a post drill, a brushcutter, tine rake or a disc harrow and many other implements. - Tracked Bobcats are really good for bull ( Full Answer )

How many legs does a bobcat have?

Just like any other carnivorous mammal, the bob cat has 4 legs. They have strong muscular legs that can be used to chase and hunt prey. Their prey includes small mammals and rodents. They even kill larger prey like deer at times.

What is the classification for the bobcat?

Half the size of a Lynx and double the size of an ordinaryhousecat, the taxonomic classification (binomial name) of theBobcat is Lynx rufus.

How did it get the name 'Bobcat'?

That's the name it first answered to... But seriously, folks... This term is an Americanism coined in 1888 due to the creature's short, 'bobbed' tail.

How many bobcats live in Rowan County Kentucky?

Sorry, exact numbers are impossible to calculate. However(!), the related link below may shed some light. All you have to do is plug in the Rowan County square mileage to each of the four possibilites provided: Transient male and female, and resident male and female numbers. Then you just divide by ( Full Answer )

Do bobcats have unibrows?

I'm not sure that the word "unibrow" ... or even just "brow" ... has any meaning for a creature whose entire face is covered with hair.

Who does the bobcat depend on?

Bobcat's depend on their stealth and cunning abilities. Able to out wait and out whit their quarry. Their agility and timming is a learned task. They are wondrous to observe

How many bobcat scoops of 3 to 5 inch river rock equals a ton?

It depends upon what model of bobcat skid steer loader you have. The capacity of the loaders varies from 700 lbs per scoop up to 3940 lbs per scoop. If you have the small one, it would take 3 scoops to get a ton. With the large one, you could easily get a ton in one scoop.

What is the speed of bobcat?

bobcats are fascinating animals and they can run as fast as 30 mph(thirty miles per an hour) hope this helped! >.

Does a bobcat have a nucleus?

No. A bobcat may have nuclei in the cells in its body and in the atoms that make it up, but there is no such thing as the "nucleus of a bobcat."

How many bobcats are laft?

The bobcat is a very common species. No exact figures are known for the species, but it is estimated that North Carolina has over 50,000 bobcats alone.

How many babies does a bobcat have in a year?

Bobcats generally have one litter per year in the Spring. Somefemale bobcats have 2 litters. If a litter has 1-4 kittens (akacubs), then a bobcat could have 2 to 8 kittens a year.