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As long as you brush your teeth while you have your braces, there will be no marks. I had no marks on my teeth when my braces were removed. Another student in my school, however, never brushed her teeth and when her braces were removed she actually had brown bands on her teeth. ~ T

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Q: Are there marks on your teeth after you get your braces off?
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Why cant you eat red food when you have braces?

if you have white braces it can stain it. also it can stain your teeth, leaving white marks when you get your braces off.

Are your teeth stained after your braces come off?

Your teeth do not get stained after your braces come off.

How do you stop white marks on your teeth after removing braces?

Just brush your teeth

How do you whiten your teeth with braces on?

You have to wait until your braces are off to get them whitened.

What can you do to make the dentist take off your braces off faster?

you can not get your braces off faster because you need braces if your teeth are not allinged well. that means that you are going to need braces for as long as your teeth need them. that is usually for quite a while.

What causes white marks on teeth?

The sulfur in caffiene when you have dental work (usually braces)

Will your teeth fall off if you use braces?


Can you harm your teeth if you take off your own braces?

You could potentially harm your teeth severely if you take your braces off yourself. To take them off, your orthodontist uses a special solvent on the glue that holds your braces on. If you don't have that solvent, taking your braces off can be very painful and damaging.

Does brushing your teeth make your teeth move faster with braces?

No, but it is important to do if you want to not have a lot of cavities filled when you have your braces taken off.

Will braces help on having perfect teeth?

Braces are a well-known orthodontic treatment that slowly straighten your teeth and realign your jaw. Braces use a system of bands, wires, and brackets to move your teeth by exerting consistent pressure for an extended period of time. This changes the shape of your jaw into the desired alignment in addition to straightening your teeth. Through this process, braces help you achieve a perfect smile! Braces help you obtain a better smile by addressing spacing and alignment issues that would make it harder to properly clean your teeth. This reduces the chances of gum disease, tooth decay, and cavities. Therefore, braces improve your smile by preventing oral health problems that would arise with crooked teeth and cause the appearance of your teeth to worsen. Braces can help you achieve a perfect smile by correcting misaligned jaws, which contribute to problems such as overbites, underbites and bad proportions. By realigning the upper and lower parts of your jaw, your smile will look better.

Do you have to brush your teeth after every meal with metal braces?

Yes, otherwise bits of food grow bacteria that rot your teeth and sugar rots your teeth. You can also get yellow marks on your teeth where your braces have been. The braces process is quicker if you have clean teeth, so it costs less if you're on a month to month plan. If you don't brush your teeth you can get bad breath, and people telling you, you have bits of food in your braces.

Why do some orthodontist file teeth after braces?

to smooth them. they have residue from the glue on the braces and they have to file it off so your not walking around with glue on your teeth.

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