Dental Braces

Braces are the most common way for adults and kids to straighten their teeth. Many people worry about getting braces on, getting them off, problems with their braces, and more. In this category, there will be questions about all of these things to give people reassurance and guidance.

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Dental Braces

What are the steps to putting on braces?

You need to pick an orthodontist and go for a consultation visit. These are usually free and they will go over everything they plan to do, how long the braces will need to be worn and how much it will cost. And any payment plans if necessary.

The basic steps for braces are impressions, spacers, and one or more sets of wired brackets.

The first visit involves impressions of the teeth, x-rays and putting in the spacers if needed. Spacers are little rubber band like things that go between the back teeth so the metal bands for the braces will fit. Those are worn for about two weeks. On the following visits, the braces are put on. Sometimes depending on the teeth, the top or bottom will be put on and then at another visit, the other set will be put on. Then about every six weeks you go in for an adjustment. They remove the colored bands and the wire and replace it with a different wire. And give new colored bands. The teeth are usually very sore for a few days after each adjustment. The first one is usually the worst. And the brackets can rub on and hurt the gums and tongue. They will give you wax to put over any brackets that cause sore spots. This is very helpful. Most of the detailed questions you might have are better answered by the orthodontist that will be doing the braces.

AnswerWhen you go to the orthodontist to get your braces put on, they will first take your spacers out, which are rubber pieces wedged between your teeth so the metal bands will fit. Then, the orthodontist puts a plastic lip separator in your mouth, which keeps your lips from going on your teeth. Carefully, the orthodontist glues the brackets on each tooth, then dries the glue with a plasma light. Try not to taste the glue, because it will taste terrible. Then the archwire is threaded through each bracket, and tightened so it fits snugly. After this, you are done. the orthodontist will put 0-rings on your brackets which are available in a variety of colors. Your mouth will probably be a bit sore after, so don't eat for a while. The pain will go away in about 2 days. AnswerFirst they make a mold of your teeth, then they put in rubber "O" rings or spacers to make space in between teeth. At a later visit, they will take spacers out, and add the actual braces. They sand down a spot on each tooth and glue the braces on. Then they put the brackets on, and slip wires around your molars. Finally, rubber bands connect the front teeth to the back. None of this is painful, but it can be uncomfortable as the teeth are under tension.
Dental Braces

Where can you order realistic fake braces?

you can go to and they have realistic looking fake braces in a variety of colors. they are costly, but worth it.

Dental Braces

Do black braces turn your teeth yellow?

No they are just like any other braces...

Dental Braces

Can you get braces if you have crown?

yes of corse u can

Dental Braces

When you die do they remove your braces?

lol I'm not sure but i think they do (if not then they should)

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Dental Braces

Braces really bad and you cant afford them what can you do you need help?

I have seen this many times before even though I am only 15. Don't worry, there are ways of getting braces even thought you may not have the necessary funds to pay for them. Here's what you do: if you have a Medical card, and if your teeth are as bad as you said they are, then you may qualify for FREE braces. Trust me, this works. I mean, how do you think I got mine! Also, talk to your orthodontist and see if they accept Medical, and if for some reason that they don't, search for one in your area that does. They will answer any questions that you may have about the subject. First, you will go for a screening for them, sort of like a consultation. Then, you will go to have the impressions done, which is simply a mold that they put over your teeth. Once they have done that, you are nearly on your way to getting braces! But before that happens, you may need to have some x-rays taken of your mouth and some teeth removed, including your wisdom teeth, if you haven't already. Trust me, it doesn't hurt to have teeth removed if they numb your mouth. Also, all this is free too. I believe that you will have spacers put in your mouth before you get the actual metal applied. For me, I had to wear spacers on my bottom and top teeth for 2 weeks to make room for the attachment in the back. They will hurt however. You will need to have routine checkups at least a few times a year of more depending on the severity of your problem, and remember, it will be worth all the effort. I had to push my mom for over a year before she finally gave in, and then here I am today, waiting anxious for the three long and grueling years to come to an end. You will also have to monitor what you eat, like you can't eat any hard, crunchy, or sticky foods. Also you have to brush AND floss everyday. That is a must. Oh, and if all else fails, it only costs $99/month for them. Mine would have cost $4200 altogether, but I don't have to pay a single dime. Well good luck, and I hope I helped!

I almost forgot to add this! My friend goes to Western Dental and they have a plan, were you only have to pay a down payment of $99 and the bill is $35 a month. I know, it seems to good to be true. Try giving them a try.

Dental Braces

Is there a way to close a gap between an adult's teeth without braces and how long does it take?

I was looking for some cheap and invisible way to close my teeth gap. I found out that Teeth effect bands are the quickest and cheapest way to close teeth gap and they are clear bands. I am 35 and I had big gap between my front teeth. I used teeth effect bands from for $19.99 and it closed my teeth gap in my front teeth in less than 1 month.

You can either use:

1- Bonding (white fillings) which take only one appointement

2- Porcelain veneers which take two appointements.

3- Invisible orthodontistry (Invisalign) which takes at least a year for a full mouth straightening of your teeth.

Yes, teeth effect bands from can be used to close your gap without going to the dentist.

That "teeth effects" stuff sounds like a gimmick. I doubt if it will be able to close teeth gaps. I went to their website and it doesn't look like it can be trusted. They don't even have a phone number.

Actually, the teeth gap is not a gimmick and it does work. I had a kind-of small gap and I used the bands. After three weeks, the gap was almost completely gone. I HIGHLY recommend this.

I've used the teeth makeover bands, and they worked for me *shrugs* Worth a try. They're cheaper than teeth effect bands and their site is more professional.

Invisalign takes about 4 months and it is Cheap around $20

Dental Braces

Do you have to wear headgear if you have braces?

In some cases

Helping 101:

Actually, no. Headgear is no longer used.

Dental Braces

Can a slight gap between the front two teeth be closed without braces?

That was a good idea rubber band slight pressure

But that takes time want something really fast?

Read ahead

Get toilet paper doesnt really work with anything else but u can try :] Put it over the gap

get ur tongue and sooth the flap in the back down after that put ur lips over it and suck back




If you're looking for more of a permanent fix, you can have a general dentist fill in the space using a restorative material. It will may be about 60-70 bucks, but its a one time painless procedure that that lasts a lot longer than rubber bands and toilet paper!


YES, you can get non latex elastic bands from to close your teeth gap. It costs only $19.99. It closes gap in less than a month but You have to wear it for 2 to 3 months for permanent result. Way cheaper and faster than braces.

Dental Braces

Can you still get braces in your 40's even though you don't have many back teeth?

You can get braces at any age. However, if you have missing teeth it may cause a problem because your front teeth will take more of the biting forces and may later move more easily after the braces come off. I would suggest visiting an orthodontist or dentist who offers orthodontics to see what your options are.

You may also be interested in 'Shorter Term Braces' which attempt to complete the treatment in slightly less time than standard methods.

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How long do braces have to stay on and how much do they usually cost and what color of bands are available?


The length of time you have to have braces on depends on what needs to be done to your teeth. The average is about 2 years, I'd say. The cost varies from office to office and probably state to state. And it also depends on what you need. But average is probably about 3 to 5 thousand dollars. Some insurances will pay for a part of it. Most won't.

Most offices have lots and lots of colors. Clear, grey, white, many shades of red, yellow, blue, orange, red, purple, green, etc. They have some with a bit of sparkles in them. Shades of brown. Probably black. Every office will have a little bit different variety, but they all have lots of colors.

More input from FAQ Farmers:

  • Braces have to stay on for usually 2 years, 1 minimum. It all depends on how your teeth are aligned. The worse the teeth are, the longer the braces will have to stay on. Sometimes it also depends on whether you listen to your orthodontist because they're usually the ones who advises you to help you towards your goal with your teeth. Braces usually cost 5,000 to 7,000 dollars. The bands are usually available in a variety of colors such as the colors of the rainbow, gray, black, brown, white, tooth-colored, clear, and even sparkly, metallic, and glow-in-the-dark bands.

Colored braces are a cool new trend but, they make you need braces a lot longer.

Cost for everything (office visits, retainer, lab stuff, etc.) could be nearly 10k all in. I always found that grey bands made the braces way less noticeable. You would think the white ones would be best, but they made it look like you had plaque all over your teeth.

If you or your parents decide that you need braces, you're bound to have pain. I should know, I have had them for going on 3 months now. You DO NOT want to skip an appointment, that just makes the treatment longer. Also, go to, it will tell you exactly what is going to happen- when you get your braces on for the first time, wire changing, and many other useful things. If you have bad eyeteeth (like I do), then you'll have to have rubber bands to pull them down. Just a little tip: they HURT! You can't eat with rubber bands in. Also, rubber bands can only be used once. They have to be changed at least once a day. And actually, colored braces are the same price as the other kind, and they DON'T make you need braces longer.

my braces cost $5850 and i have a very minor case..

In the UK braces are free on the NHS. At my orthodentist their a a large variety of colours; browns, whites, blacks, greys all the way to neons. If you don't like these colours, then you can always change them the next time you get them tightened. I've had my braces tightened three times now and I've just had a new, thicker wire placed on. I was told by a friend that once you get the first thick wire on it's about 6-8 months until you get your braces off.


I live in the UK and to go private you have to pay about four thousand pounds for your regular train-tracks, if you like. Or you can go on the waiting list for the NHS, which I did, but that meant I couldn't get colours put in. But at some orthodontists they will do colours for you. Getting colours doesn't slow down the process. Braces really stay on depending on the case and how well you care for them. x

Dental Braces

Is gum-grafting appropriate for a child who needs braces?

Even though I'm not a dentist, I know the answer. It is necessary because the braces pull on the teeth causing the gums to recede which will in time need to be fixed by gum grafting. So yeah, it is appropriate. I had braces and about 5 months after I got them my gums started to recede. If she is scared, then tell her not to be, because they will numb her mouth all over. And it only feels like ten minutes when she will be in there. So I suggest go and have it done, because if not there could be more than receding gums in the future. I am a 24 year old female and I have receding gums on almost all of my teeth. I just had gum grafting done on the top right side of my mouth and my periodontist told me that if I hadn't had the procedure done I would've lost all of my teeth. The receding for me is heredity, my father had periodontist so bad that he had to have dentures at the age of 28. My daugher had gum grafting procedure when she was 10 yrs. old prior to braces. Her teeth and gums look fantastic now as a teenager but the procedure was difficult for her and she didn't follow doctors procedures as far as really taking it easy for a week after surgery and had a few complications. My advice is ask your orthodontist or periodontist if you can wait til the child is a little older. Sometimes teeth are so misaligned that they cause a trauma towards the gum, often expressed as gum recession.

If the gum recession is advanced, it is recommended to do a gum graft. This is rare for children but can still occur.

Medical Insurance
Dental Braces

Would masshealth insurance cover the braces?

Yes, with prior authorization and a determination of medically necessary (ie. not purely cosmetic). A MassHealth dentist/orthodontist can help with the process. Good luck. It's not a quick and easy process, but it is definitely worth it!

Dental Braces

Can you get Invisalign braces when your wisdom teeth may have caused your front teeth to overcrowd and become slightly crooked?

Wisdom teeth do not cause crowding and I can prove it. When I was in Dental School we did a study. We took one group of people that had impacted wisdom teeth and graded their front tooth crowding. We then took a second set of people that had normal wisdom teeth in full bite and graded their crowding. We took a third sample that had wisdom teeth removed at a young age (below 16 years) and graded their crowding. We took a forth sample of people congenitally missing all wisdom teeth and graded their crowding. Know what we found? Wisdom teeth had no bearing on crowding of teeth later in life. Those with no wisdom teeth at all had the same incidence of crowding as those with the most severely impacted wisdom teeth. We developed (or perhaps a better term is adopted) the mesial migration theory. The theory is that all human teeth that are not artificially locked into position will tend to move anteriorly (towards the front) throughout life. It is merely coincidence that teeth seem to get more crowded or begin to crowd around the same time as the eruption of wisdom teeth.

Yes. Over the past 6 years since my wisdom teeth emerged, by front teeth, particularly on my top row, have overlapped. I have Invisalign now and the treatment duration is about 1 year, although the teeth will have the appearance of straightness in about 6 months.

I have just started my Invisalign trays. My front teeth are somewhat crooked and I still have two wisdom teeth reamining. (upper right and lower right). I was convinced that my wisdom teeth would have to be removed before starting Invisalign, but that was not the case. From what I understand, Invisalign can handle a variety of cases and situations. It is definitely worth looking into as I thought I would have to have braces versus the Invisalign.

I am 2 months into my Invisalign treatment and all 4 of my wisdom teeth are still impacted and have never caused me any trouble. My orthodontist did not see the need to have them taken out before my treatment. If they start to come through, I will have them out there and then, but not before. The extraction may be unnecessary and painful if they haven't been a concern. Wisdom teeth can stay dormant for may years and may never come through at all in some life times. My Mother had trouble for the first time at 57 years of age! It all depends on the crowding extent of the individual and how much movement there might be to aggravate the wisdom teeth. With the Invisalign treatment, selective teeth are slightly 'shaved' to create room to move, thus not pushing too many teeth back into the mouth.

Yes, Invisalign braces will make your teeth straight, although they do not a perfect job under orthodontic rules compared to conventional braces. But your teeth will look much nicer and your crowding will be corrected.

Your dentist will most likely recommend you to extract your wisdom teeth before using Invisalign if you are an adult.

Dental Braces

How do i fix a gap in my teeth where my gums comes have come down due to braces?

Go to TenBrook Orthodontics! Personalized service, and always there if you need something or are having a problem.

We have had wonderful experiences. The staff is very helpful and friendly. It's easy to see everyone enjoys what they are doing. When you see the final results, we know we went to the best orthodontist around.

call: 1 877 SMILE10

Dental Braces

Is it OK to get braces if your wisdom teeth may come in soon?

I don't know if it's OK. I have braces myself and my wisdom teeth are coming in right now. Unfortunatly, I have to get them pulled, if anything that's what would happen. You should wait until the wisdom teeth come in, and then get them pulled, because the metal bands may not fit around the wisdom teeth, and most people have more comfort when their wisdom teeth are pulled. I have braces and my wisdom teeth came through and my otho hasn't done anything to them.

Dental Braces

What is headgear braces?

There are two brace (metal things) on the back of your teeth. At night sometimes during the day you place a metal thing in the brace on your back teeth, which get connect by a neck rest with holes.

Hope this helped!!

Dental Braces

Should putting in braces require removing 4 teeth?

I had 4 teeth pulled out when I needed braces. DO NOT DO IT! Your face will never be the same when they come off. Your cheeks will sink in and your whole mouth will be pushed back and you will have a much more narrow smile, and your nose will appear to be bigger. Now I finally found a doctor who is putting back in my 4 teeth and pulling everything forward and widening my smile. His name is Dr. William Hang...he is amazing! He is well worth the cost!

I got 9 teeth removed - my third molars, my bicuspids and one impacted tooth.

Smile, you'll be fine!

Find a oral surgeon and orthodontist that specializes in sleep dentistry and get a second and a third opinion. You won't be able to get them back. I had my bicuspids removed when I was 15 to make "room" and correct an over jet. I am now 32 and suffered from severe sleep apnea and the reduced oral cavity caused by this barbaric practice was a contributing factor to my condition. To improve the situation I had to undergo tongue and throat surgery and be out of work a week in severe pain, and it's still only 90% improved. Other people that have small mouths and develop severe sleep apnea have to undergo extreme lengthy, and painful two-year-long procedures and multiple surgeries to reverse the damage that was only made worse by tooth extraction to "look better".

The latest clinical data shows that extraction can aggravate sleep apnea later in life, but not all dentists review or work with the latest data. There are many other ways to get pretty looking teeth that do not involve reducing the oral cavity via extraction, yes some of it requires jaw surgery, and longer / more expensive treatment by more experienced and higher trained dentists and oral surgeons.

Sleep dentistry is a specialty, not all dentists and oral surgeons are the same. If your dentist/oral surgeon treats people for sleep apnea regularly I would listen to them, but if you ask them and they dispute the latest findings or don't know about the latest clinical data I would seriously recommend you reconsider if they are the right dentist for you.

Think about it before you do this... we used to drill holes into people's skulls and let them bleed because we thought it improved mental illness... and that was "clinically" the right thing to do at one time.

I disagree with the answer below this one. If you have a small jaw, your teeth are probably crowded, so if you get teeth removed, your teeth will then shift into place. I suggest listening to the dentist. I had to get 2 teeth pulled, and it didn't hurt at all! I got laughing gas and a freezing needle though. Don't let anyone tell you to not listen to your dentist. He/she knows what there doing!

My advice is that, if at all possible, try to keep all of your teeth especially if you have a small jaw.

You will need all of your teeth to keep your lips up. See if there is some way to widen your jaw instead if your jaws are small!

It doesn't happen to all patients; however, when teeth are pulled there is definitely a risk of the remaining teeth "dishing in." I know, this happened to me. Don't let anyone tell you differently.

Patients in which this happens have a flat look to their face, their lips drop, their profile looks awkward, and their nose sometimes appears larger. (Less mouth -- other features appear larger.)

I had straight teeth, but I had a bad bite. Appearance wise, I looked fine. Actually, I once liked it. My orthodontist pulled four teeth to correct my bite, and to this day I still cannot get used to my appearance.

Now that I am getting older, I especially realize how important my teeth are in holding everything up, and now I have less to do so with. I am looking for an orthodontist to open up the spot where the teeth were pulled and I am going to try to replace the missing teeth if possible.

It is very common to have two teeth on the top and two on the bottom removed. They are the bicuspids. You actually have two sets on the top and two on the bottom. They are removed if they person has a small jaw. It isn't required for everyone. If you are unsure about having them removed, have a second opinion done. Most dentists who put the braces on will give you a free first visit to see what needs to be done. It won't hurt anything if he does need to have them removed. It will actually help his smile look better. But, like I said not everyone has to have it done.

I had 4 teeth removed when I had braces years ago. The reason was because there was overcrowding in my mouth, and in order to get the remaining teeth to align themselves with the braces, they had to remove some teeth to make room.

Braces should really not require removing 4 teeth. What exactly wrong with you? I personally wouldn't do that. Find a way to keep them at all costs, or get two more ortho's to look at you.

I just got my braces last week. A couple of days before I got my separators put in, the ortho said that he should remove 4 of my teeth. I said "are you crazy I'm not having any teeth pulled out," and now I have my braces in, and no teeth were in need of removing.

Only certain people have to remove 4 teeth to get braces, most likely the bicuspids. Everyone is born with 8 bicuspids in total, TWO in each side of the mouth. Your second bicuspid is located beside your first molar. If a person has overcrowded teeth then the orthodontist may decide to remove the second bicuspids from each side to make more room for the front sets of teeth in order to evenly space and straighten each one. The reason for removing the second bicuspids is because orthodontists always try not to remove any of your original six teeth in the front (top and bottom).

I had 5 teeth pulled out when I have braces. It was painful at first, but then it healed really fast. If you need to get it pulled out, just listen to the doctor. After all, he is the professional. My teeth are looking nice now!

I had to remove 2 teeth before I got the braces on. I got really mad that I had to remove two perfect teeth, but then the doctor told me that it was for the best. I understood that. After you see the results and the ladies start coming, you'll forget all about it...

I know this may sound strange, but I had 8 teeth removed for my braces. I'm not sure if that's the most accurate term for it since they actually pulled them after I got the braces on. My dentist and orthodontist both told me I have a small mouth, and there's no way I could keep all my teeth. When they pulled the teeth, it hurt really bad because I was awake. Since I was just in fourth grade at the time, some of the teeth they wanted to remove had not grown in yet. Still, they wanted to get them out so that my teeth could straighten quicker. So they dug them out. I may be a strange case since my mouth is really tiny and I got my braces so early in life, but I thought maybe this would put some perspective on having 4 teeth taken out.

Do not get your teeth removed. Trust me it happened to me and my mouth has never been the same. The Dr said it would take less time 2 years instead of 4 years and i went for it. I think it was just a money grab he makes more money by removing your teeth because it makes the job easier for him. It is less complicated for him because he has more room to make the adjustment. It will give you a narrow smile and will change the bone structure of your face. Your face will sag in the process, it also takes me forever to chew my food. If your dentist agrees, you known that he will make money for removing your teeth. It cost me 800.00 dollars to get my teeth removed. If anything, I hope your Dr isn't Dr. V. Wallace Kuzmicz.

Jayseanfan: I got four teeth taken off. But it depends. My teeth were HORRIBLE before I got my braces two years ago.

Dental Braces

How do you remove dental braces?

Answer 1I recommend a professional removing your braces, but that is not always an option. I just removed my braces today and I did it by taking scissors and putting the single blade between my tooth and the brace. With a little leverage they popped right off. I don't know how bad it is for you but that is how I did it. My biggest problem now is getting the gunk off my teeth but it feels so good to have them off. Answer 2 First you have to take off the bands, this can be done with a pair of scissors. Once you get the bands off you need to take the wire out, this should be fairly easy to pull it out. To get the brackets off a pair of pliers or nail clippers works well to snap off the metal ones. Answer 3Are you crazy? do you know the damage you could do to your teeth if you yank them off with clippers? you could yank your own teeth out too. my advice is to wait until its time for your own orthodontist to take them out. not only will it hurt less but you will have a beautiful smile to show for all those months or years spent picking food out of you braces. DONT YANK THEM OUT! Answer 4DON'T TAKE OFF YOUR OWN DENTAL BRACES. Like the previous guy said, it could damage your teeth and you could also somehow injure yourself. If you want to take off your braces before the time is up, you'll have to wait until your own orthodontist takes them off SAFELY for you.

I recommend a professional removing your braces, but that is not always an option. I just removed my braces today and I did it by taking scissors and putting the single blade between my tooth and the brace. With a little leverage they popped right off. I don't know how bad it is for you but that is how I did it. My biggest problem now is getting the gunk off my teeth but it feels so good to have them off.

Dental Braces

How much do braces cost for a 14 year old?

On average, braces should cost somewhere between $5000-$8000 (before insurance if you have it). Mine cost $6000. But there may be additional costs. For example, after you get braces off you should get a retainer. If you break it it is an additional $400 for a new one.

Most orthodonisists will have an appointment with you if you want and run you over this stuff and the costs. Cost is somewhat unique to each person.

Dental Braces

How space exploration made dental braces?

From the late 1800s, dental braces were investigated by several US (Only US?) dentists, Farrar, Kingsley, and Angle are some of the pioneer names. See

Please don't think that progress only arrived with the hoopla of the space race.

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If your tooth is pushed back do you need braces?

it really depends, on how old you are, when the tooth gets pushes back. If you are a child or adolescent it is likely that the tooth will probably mend iself within a matter of years. However if you are a young adult, or just an adult you could have dental treatment to get it sorted if the dentist thinks it is necessary.

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What should you eat if you just got braces?

Ok it will be fine. I have braces and so does the other people who edited this. ( i (dolphinlover) actually got my bottom ones today after getting my top ones a long time ago)

For the first day (after a couple of hours having them), your braces REALLY hurt when you bite/chew. For the first day/second day you should eat things like:

  • Mashed potatoes
  • yogurt
  • pudding
  • liquids
  • Soft cheese (like feta or cottage)
  • Pasta (slightly overcooked)
  • soft bread (no sourdough)
  • Banana
  • Milkshake
  • oatmeal
  • eggs
  • cake (that is not 2 hard)

For the whole time you have braces:

  • no gum (only freedent gum.this gum does not affect ur braces! ask ur orthodontist if u don't belive me!)
  • no apples or carrots
  • no popcorn
  • no oranges (trust me. My sis tried not a good look)
  • no gummy worms or swedish fish
  • no hard candy
  • nothing hard and sticky, it is really bad and hard to get out and it's not very cute!

Don't sweat it. Yes, you can have chocolate and other non sticky, chewy, or hard sweets. Just brush your teeth and floss everyday! Brush when you can after you eat and be sure to get ALL of the pieces of food stuck in your braces out cause that ain't attractive. Just be calm, it will be awesome when you get them off if you take care of them. Also, when you get them tightened, it will also hurt so also eat soft foods. Good luck! and when you get them tightened it hurts EVEN 2 eat soft foods! god luck but it's worth the pain for the BEAUTIFUL smile :)!


Dental Braces

Are braces comfortable?

Not at first but then you'll start to get used to them after a couple of weeks.


I agree at first it will be uncomfortable especially when eating your foods, and you will sufer from pain. My gums hurt a lot when I had my braces and you will feel that your teeth are tightning. But for the coming weeks it will be more comfortable, just always have good oral hygiene and visit your orthodontist for check-ups.


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