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Yes there are more than eleven chapters. I heard that there at least 39 chapter not including the one from Jacob's point of view although this might be an answer to how many chapters there are in Eclipse. there are actually 39 chapters in breaking dawn... chapters 1-7 and chapters 19-39 are in Bella's perspective chapters 8-18 are in Jacob's perspective this doesn't count the prefaces at the beginning of each section/book

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Where to get breaking dawn?

The movie isn't out yet but the book you can buy at chapters, indigo, coles, walmart, and so many more places

Why are there no more books after Breaking Dawn?

Because breaking dawn is the last book, dur

Is there going to any more twilight films after breaking dawn?

Nomo, they probably no movies after breaking dawn

Is there going to be more twilight after breaking dawn?

no cause it's dawn

Why is Breaking Dawn so expensive?

Breaking Dawn is more expensive because it is larger and is the last book in the series. More for adults also if you read it.

Is breaking dawn better than new moon?

I would say breaking dawn is better. New moon was good but the part of Jacob's point of view was boring. Breaking dawn was more entertaining.

Why is Breaking Dawn rated PG13?

Because as they explained that Breaking Dawn is a bit more adult then the last movies, if you read the books it explains sex, a bit more cruse words, but mainly because of the sex they have. Read Breaking Dawn are you will find out.

What is the central theme of Breaking Dawn and why?

Breaking Dawn has many themes, which all have the same importance. See related links for more information.

Do Edward and Bella ever do it?

They do it in Breaking Dawn, PART 1 and as far as i know they do it 3 times when Bella is a human. On there honeymoon!!!!! They do it more with Bella is turned into a vampire in Breaking Dawn, PART 3 as a human in breaking dawn, 3 times- in part 3 of breaking dawn, like a million of times

What type of reader should read Breaking Dawn?

the type that should read breaking dawn is the people who are more mature then other and is in there teen ages

What did edward in twilight breaking dawn prt1 about jacub inprinting?

He didn't do anything yet. They'll bring out more about that in Breaking Dawn Part 2.

Will Breaking Dawn be more than one movie?

Rumors say that there will be five movies in the Twilight Saga!Breaking Dawn will be two movies.It was confirmed by clevverTV.

Besides midnight sun Is there going to be a book after Breaking dawn by Stephenie Meyer because i still have TONS more questions that left me hanging?

Yes there will be a book after Breaking Dawn, its called Midnight Sun. This book is about Twilight but in Edwards point of view, you can read the first couple of chapters on AWESOME!!!! PS: I LOVE YOU EDWARD AND BELLA!!!

Will there be any more Twilight saga movies after breaking dawn?

There will not be any more sequels but there might be other twilight saga related movies. The Breaking Dawn movie will be split into 2 parts.

Are there going to be any more twilight's after new moon?

yes because theres eclipse and breaking dawn still and breaking dawn is going to be made into two movies

Where can i find breaking dawn in paper back?

You can't because they only make it in hard cover because they want to make more mony selling breaking dawn.

How long is Breaking Dawn?

more than 6 hundred pages

Will there be more twilight movies after breaking dawn part 2?

sadly no.

Why does Breaking Dawn come out in 2 parts?

to make it more dramatic

Is there going to be a Twilight saga Breaking dawn part 3?

No, the author of the book, Stephanie Meyer has not written more Twilight books. Breaking Dawn is the final book in the series.

Is the book Breaking Dawn good?

Ok i read ALL the twilight books they are AWESOME!!! anyway yes the book is better than the movie . It goes into more detail but i saw breaking dawn but i never finished breaking dawn but i finally got to the end of the movie breaking dawn part 1. Chapter 20 is the begining of part 2 i hope you love it as much as i do :)

Do edward and bella kiss more in new moon?

actually they kiss more in breaking dawn

Is there going to be more twilight Sega movies after breaking dawn?

No, there are no more books to be turned into films.

When and where will the casting take place for Breaking Dawn?

You cant any more sorry

Is Twilight saga eclipse the last Twilight?

no, there is one more, Breaking dawn.

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