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to be blunt NO they haven't been approved yet

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โˆ™ 2009-10-21 09:21:42
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Q: Are there new migrain drugs that have been FDA approved?
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What drug was approved of in 1983?

There were a number of drugs which were FDA approved in 1983. The list is available through the FDA and other sources.

What types of tattoo pigment have been approved by the FDA?

What types of pigment are approved by the FDA?

Which super supplements have been approved by the FDA?

"The majority of food supplements manufacturers don't have to seek FDA approval. The supplement are regulated by FDA but not like drugs or food. FDA is mostly monitoring their safety, but not the efficacy or performance. This is the reason why food supplements are not being approved by FDA. There are several dietary products approved by FDA such as Orlistat, Alli (Xenical), Sibutramine (Meridia), and Phentermine."

What are some FDA-approved drugs that are created for weight loss?

There are very few FDA-approved weight loss drugs on the market. The most popular ones are Alli, Xenical, Meridia and Sanorex.

Is herbalife products approved by the fda?

No, the fda does not regulate food the same way it does drugs. Herbalife products are food.

Is Great Value products approved by FDA?

The FDA approves Drugs. Food is not "Approved" it is monitored and regulated by the FDA. I could not find any "Drug" products under the generic WallMart brand GREAT VALUE, If there are some they are approved.

Are HIV test kits approved by FDA?

there a number of test kits that are approved by the FDA, and have been for some years.

What drugs are FDA approved for sleep apnea?

Acetazolamide Maybe but I found it on Wikipedia.

Has Teriflunomide been approved by the FDA?

not yet

Is it legal to buy prescription drugs online?

If they are FDA Approved by Drugs and BBB Accreted... Then Most Likely is it legal

How are drugs approved?

The FDA is the organization primarily involved in the medication/drug approval process.

Is macafem fda approved?

Is macadam FDA approved.

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