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There are online forensic science schools. The best way to find one is to do a search with keywords forensic science and schools and you will find swveral opportunities available.

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Q: Are there online forensic science schools?
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What Georgia schools offer forensic science?

Albany State University in Albany, GA. Offers forensic science as a major

How many forensic science schools are in North Carolina?

There are many forensic science school in the North Carolina area. There are many like North Carolina School of Forensic Science. Altogether there are at least 13 in the North Carolina area.

Where are the schools for forensic science located?

There are many schools that offer courses in forensic science. Here is a link that will take you to some of the top schools Once you get your degree you can be employed as a medical examiner, work on the police dept., or a crime lab etc. These are just a few ideas of where and with whom you could work with if you got a degree in forensic science.

Who trains forensic scientists?

Forensic science involves identifying the boundaries of a crime scene and understanding how to search the crime scene for evidence, like fingerprints. In my opinion, the best online school for forensic science would be American InterContinental University Online.

What the different between forensic science and forensic medicine?

Forensic science is experimental Forensic medicine is empirical.

What's the difference between a forensic scientist and a forensic science technician?

Forensic science is used to describe all categories of science in the legal system. forensic technicians are in a certain category within forensic science.

What schools in Indiana offer Forensic Psychology?

You may have to go to another state if you want to have a specific 'forensic psychology' degree, but you can get a more generalized 'psychology' or 'criminal justice' degree that would work for a career in forensic psychology. Another option would be to get your degree online. Walden University and Argosy University Online both offer forensic psychology degrees online and Stratford Career Institute and Ashworth College both offer forensic science degrees online. Then you could stay in the comfort of your home in Indiana and get the degree that you want.

Where can my son take forensic science classes near Dallas, TX?

When you need to find forensic science classes in Dallas TX, the best place to look would be an online medical university. They will list the locations, and lots of information about their forensic science courses.

Is there any doctor join schools for forensic science?

There are many careers in forensic science that require a doctor's degree. For example, a medical examiner is someone who looks into deaths which have occurred under suspicious circumstances.

Who studies Forensic Science?

A Forensic Scientist.

Can you get a job with a diploma in forensic science?

Yes, you can get a job with a diploma in the forensic science.

When was Forensic Science Service created?

Forensic Science Service was created in 1991.

Where can I find information on taking a forensic science test?

To find information about taking a forensic science test, one should look look at information on schools and check out those that serve as registered testing centers.

What schools near Richmond, VA offer forensic science classes?

A great example of a school in Richmond that teaches Forensic Science is Hack College. It's program is widely regarded as one of the best in Virginia.

How is forensic science done?

Forensic science deals with the traces of evidence left behind by the criminal. This branch of science deals with high tech equipments and special methods and highly trained professionals who track down solid proof enough to prove a criminal guilty of his/her act. There are many schools and universities offering programs in forensic science.

What type of mathematics are used for forensic science?

are there any answer that math is related to forensic science

What are the highest paying jobs in forensic science?

what is the highest paying job in forensic science ?

What is the main idea of forensic science?

the main idea of forensic science is to prove the things

Where can i find a forensic science school?

The top rated schools for forensic science are as follows: University of Mississippi, University of Central Florida, Loyola University of New Orleans, Michigan State University and Arkansas State University. Applications would need to be completed before admittance into any college and forensic science program.

What science is CSI related to?

Forensic Science.

How is science used in forensics?

Forensic Science.

When was Canadian Society of Forensic Science created?

Canadian Society of Forensic Science was created in 1953.

Is forensic science and criminal science same thing?

Forensic Science is the study of an application of Science to matters of criminal and civil laws. Matt

Where can I find information about forensic science certification online?

The ACFEI is the largest forensic science membership association and as such will be able to offer you a wealth of information. You could also try contacting local colleges for local information.

Why is forensic science so important to police?

Forensic science helps to determine the details of a crime, and how it unfolded.