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Are there online stalkers on Facebook?

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There aren't. Because your profile information can be hidden except to your friends.

I would have to disagree with this answer... there are always opportunities to be stalked, i was stalked by one of my ex girlfriends, she made a profile with a person name i knew, and i added her, and then she was able to look at my profile and harass my current girlfriend, so pretty much, if you dont add people you dont know, then you cant be stalked!

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Should you change your name on facebook to your nickname?

If you want to be safer online and not have stalkers tracking you down, then sure.

How do you find your top stalkers on Facebook?

No, You can not view your facebook stalker. The apps that are up are false there just basically advertisments.

Why does Myspace and Facebook suck so much?

Because of all the stalkers and rapists.

Where can you check who stalks you on facebook?

Just click the "my stalkers" button. You can then decide to "stalk them back"

Is there a way to know who views your Facebook profile in a given day?

no, this is one of the biggest gifts facebook has ever given to stalkers.No we can't.

What are the dangers of online chat rooms?

Viruses Online predators Bullies Identity Theft Stalkers

Is Facebook still online?

Yes, Facebook is still online.

Why do you have to be 13 years old for Facebook?

because stuff on facebook can be inappropriate for 12 and under because there is swearing, exposed to sexual activity and also very dangerous for them because of stalkers and pedifials.

You are not showing online when you are online on facebook how do you fix that?

Contact Facebook support.

Are there stalkers on Habbo?

No, indeed there isn't. There aren't stalkers anywhere so never be alert! Always give out your Phone number, address, or any personal information to anyone especially online!

How can you have Facebook online?

because facebook in on the internet.

What is the fear of stalkers called?

Stalkrophbia is the fear of stalkers.

Which website has the most stalkers?

This is debatable. Stalkers often use search engines to stalk, and Google is probably the most popular search engine. However, stalkers would also use sites with more local scope such as Craig's List (to hook up with actual victims), Facebook (many users put their personal details there and thus helping stalkers), or even a message board site like Topix (sometimes used for harassment and cyberbullying).

Are they stalkers in chernobyl?

Yes there is 1110 stalkers in chernolby That is very unlikely.

Are there stalkers on Facebook?

I am guessing there are many stalkers on Facebook. But as long as you prevent this you shouldn't be worried. Try not putting personal information like your mobile, home phone, address and email address on there or make it so only some friends can see it. You should also make your photo albums private and not take revealing photos. Try not adding people you don't know aswell. Be safe!

Should I feel lonely because I'm not dating anyone?

no, you still have friends and family and online stalkers to keep you company.

Where can one learn how to put a photo online in their facebook account?

There are many places where one can learn how to put photos online on their Facebook account. One can learn how to put photos online on their Facebook account at the Facebook help center located right on the site.

Why can't you search for people on Facebook?

Facebook was originally a college only website, the whole idea of facebook is to communicate with people you know in your current network(s). Facebook does this to minimize "the badd stuff" that can happen on myspace. Stalkers and such finding you. Also, to find people simply search for a netwrok they would be in, school they go to, city they live in.. etc..

How do you send a message on facebook to someone that is online?

Click the button that is down to your right to send a message on facebook to someone that is online!

On Facebook why wont it let you see who is online?

if your not online they will not show

Can everyone make a Facebook blog?

Yes. Facebook is online and free and useful to use. But people can ruin your life with it online. I would advise not to make a Facebook and especially a blog.

What should you do to see your online friends?

You can log in to your Facebook account to see whether your friend is also online on Facebook. Sometimes your friend and you both are on from Facebook and your chat is turned off.

Are socipaths stalkers?

They can be.

What are the qualities of a stalker?

They is no such thing as quality of stalkers. If there is a stalker then he is bad. Stalkers are bad guys and it it true.

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