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Actually yes, there have been over 70,000 objects that measure 100 km in diameter found to be just like Pluto that now make up the Kuiper Belt. Only one object has been found larger than Pluto, but it has an even more erratic orbit than Pluto. So yes there are many others!

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Which outer planet is not like the others?

Pluto is not like the other outer planets. Pluto is a mystery.

Who is the eldest Sailor Scout?

Sailor Pluto is the eldest one not uranus like what others think

Why doesn't Pluto have an orbit?

it does orbit the sun but not like the other planets. Instead of orbiting on the elliptical plane like the others, Pluto goes around farther away and rotates on closer to a perpendicular plane (compared to the rest).

What planet do not belong to the others?

Pluto doesn't belong to the others it is a dwarf planet.

What do Pluto look like?

pluto is a yellowish color

What are temperatures like on Pluto?

temperatures of the Pluto is about -230 Celsius

What is the atmathear like on Pluto?

there is nothing called atmathear on Pluto

What does Pluto smell like?

pluto smellls like your mumit smells like unwashed socksit smells like fish.

Why does Pluto look like the moon?

Pluto does not look like the moon, unless you have a very big imagination. Pluto is brown and white, and covered with ice.

How big is Pluto's moon?

Pluto has a couple of moons: Charon is half the size of pluto and then there is two others which are quite small

When Observes think they have spotted others beyond the orbit of?


Why Pluto is different from the others planets?

it's a Disney character

What is life like on Pluto?

Pluto has a thin atmosphere, composed of nitrogen

What is the weather like on planet Pluto?

The weather on Pluto is extremely cold.

Does Pluto planet have clouds?

No , Clouds on Pluto it's like a Astoroid

What did Pluto start out as?

sciencetist think that planet were formed my rocky icy matierial but Pluto didn;t get enough befor the others so he was puhed back where they recently found alot like 400 dwarf planets

Does Pluto have any neighboring planets?

Yes pluto does have neighboring planets such as It's moons, Jupiter, And some others I can't remember.

What does Pluto look like on the inside?

Pluto is believed to have a liquid water core.

What are surface conditions of Pluto like?

Pluto is composed primarily of rock and ice.

What did the Roman god Pluto like?

The roman god Pluto liked was Prosperia

What does Pluto taste like?

How big is Uranus compared to Pluto?

uranus is bigger than Pluto. Pluto is like a little marble compared to uranus.

What is the air like on Pluto?

methane and nitrogen The air on Pluto has several gases like hydrogen , carbon dioxide.

Why Pluto is not between the 8 others planets?

because it is a dwarf planet

Could Pluto be an asteroid?

No. Pluto is classified as a dwarf planet. In terms of composition Pluto is more like a comet than an asteroid.

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