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There is not a Par 6 in any PGA licensed Golf course.

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Is there just par 3 and 4 in golf or can there be par 5 and 6?

Depending on the golf course, the set par can be anything, but it is very common for the par to be 3 and 4

How come golf courses are not made up of 6 par three's 6 par fours and 6 par fives?

There is really no reason for this but mostly it is because the designers don't it that way.



What is par 7 in golf?

The highest par in golf is 5. A seven is a double bogey on a par 5 and a triple bogey on a par four and a quadruple bogey on a par 3.

Whats the only kind of of golf hole you can shoot a double eagle on?

It would have to be on a par 5, although, there is a par 6 in the world.

Par 7 golf course in locatd in what country?

According to The Guinness Book of World Records, the Satsuki golf course in Sano, Japan, has the longest hole in the world -- a 964-yard, par-7. There are other par 7 holes around the world and numerous par 6 holes. One par 6 can be found at Lavalette GC near Huntington, WV.

What is par in golf?

A par in golf is the number of shots it should take to make it in a given hole.

Describe a birdie in golf?

In golf a birdie is one under par on a given hole. So a 2 on a par 3, 3 on a par 4 and 4 on a par 5.

Can there be more than a par 7 for a hole in golf?

Par 5 is the longest hole for a golf course.

In which sport are following terms used bunker par?

Golf. Golf uses the tersm "bunker" and "par".

What does a 5.9 golf handicap mean?

It means you shoot just shy of 6 strokes over par when you play a round of golf.

What US golf course has the longest hole?

The Links Golf Course in Post Falls, Idaho has a 777 yard Par 6.

What does par stand for in golf?

PAR - Professional Average Result

Is there par 4 in golf?

Yes, there are holes that have a par of 4.

What does under par in golf mean?

A par is a certain ammount of strokes you hit the ball with in golf. If you hit under the ammount of par it is reffered to as an under par. Which is different depending on the difficulty.

10 shots on 1 hole at golf?

Not your best day on the golf course then. If it was a par 5 it would be a quintuple bogey, but it would just be 7 or 6 over par on a par 3 or par 4 respectively. 10's are not that uncommon with the recreational golfer, but very rare on the professional tours.

What is a golf eagle?

An eagle in golf is when you score two under par on the hole. Example: On a par 4 you score a 2 or on a par 5 you score a 3

What is the longest golf hole in US?

Meadow Farms Golf Course Locust Grove, Virginia #12, 841 yards, par 6

In golf what is the origin of the word 'par'?

It comes from the letter green.

What is 5 under par in golf?

It is impossible to get a five under par.

What is the highest par rating in golf?

There is a hole in Japan that is par 9

What are odds of getting albatross on par 5?

The oddsof getting a 2 (albatross) on a par 5, is 1 in 6,000,000 (6 million) according to Golf Digest.

If a golf score changed from 1 below par to 5 above par how could the score change?

The score would change by increasing 6 strokes - like from -1 to +5. For instance, if the golf course was par 70, 69 would be one under and 75 would be 5 over par. Remember, in golf the lower the score the better. Making par for 18 holes is very difficult for most golfers. Berney Trembly

Did the word 'par' originate from golf?

== == No. It comes from the Latin word "par" meaning "equal".

What is a eagle in golf?

A eagle in golf is when you score 2 under par on a hole. For example on a par 5 you make it in the hole in 3 shots or par 4 in 2 shots

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