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There are no people on Venus (except in "B Movies").

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Can the Venus Flytrap eat people?

No, the Venus Flytrap cannot eat people.

Can people live on Venus'?

No, no one can live on Venus!

How many people have exploration Venus?

No people have explored Venus, just unmanned spacecraft.

How many poplelive on Venus?

There are no people (not pople) living on Venus.

Is there a people in Venus?


Why didn't Venus like Psyche?

More people went to see Psyche then Venus; Venus was jealous of her.

Can Venus Flytraps eat people?

hence the name, the venus flytrap cannot eat people. HAnnah =)

What did people discover about Venus'?

They discovered that Venus had clouds surrounding the planet.

How is Venus different than Earth?

earth has people and Venus doesn't

Will people float with ease on Venus?

No. Gravity on Venus is close to what it is on Earth.

Do people live on venus?


Why hasn't people explored Venus?

People have not explored venus before because it is to hot and will burn anyone who sets foot on it.

What did ancient people believed about Venus'?

They tought Venus was the North Star The lead them north.

What is the capital of Venus?

Venus is an uninhabited planet.No people, no need for cities, capital.

What is 1 reason people cannot survive on Venus?

Humans cannot breathe on venus

Can people go on planet Venus?


Are Venus Flytraps poisonous?

Not to people. Many people raise Venus Flytraps as house plants, and feed them raw hamburger if there are no flies.

Why is the Venus Flytrap endangered?

Venus flytraps are endangered because people collect too many of them.

What activities could people do on venus?

You cant do mutch on Venus because if you bring a ball it would melt so yah you cant do mutch on Venus.

What Sometimes Venus is called?

Venus is called the Morning Star. Also the Evening Star. Some people call Venus Earth's Evil Twin.

Why was Venus important to Mayans?

Venus is important to the Mayan people because they were astronomers and many of their calendars are based on the moon and Venus. They have even built temple with secret windows and opening to see Venus.

Have people been on venus?

No. They would die.

Can people visit Venus?

not at his current time

How meany people live on venus?


How does the Venus Flytrap help people?

Venus Flytraps help by controlling the number of insects in the world, by eating them.

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