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Yes. They call themselves Satanists and are part of the "Church of Satan".

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Q: Are there people on earth who ACTUALLY worship the devil of the bible?
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Do lilwayne worship the devil?

According to the bible, unlease you follow christ and teach others about the Kingdom of God, the you worship the devil.

Do narcissistic people worship the devil?

Narcissistic people worship themselves

Who all worship the devil?

Foolish people.

Do Beyonce woship the devil?

she does not but most people say if u worship a devil u are a devil

Do any of the YMCM people worship the devil?

Not likely.

Does Fall Out Boy worship the devil?

No, They do not worship the devil.

Do Jay- z worship the devil?

no he doesn't worship the devil

Does Nicki minaj worship's the devil?

no Nicki does not worship the devil.

Is jay-z influencing people to worship the devil?


Can a person worship sin as well as worshiping God?

No, you can't, but you can sin and worship God as long as you really repent your sins. Technically speaking, I think you are referring to Satanism which, contrary to belief, isn't the worship of the devil but worshiping a life in sin, because its what the devil would have done. The Bible actually says: "a house divided against itself cannot stand" -Matthew 12:25

A place where people worship the gods in Egypt?

no the epypt people worshiped the devil

Is Ed Hardy clothing a symbol of devil worship?

No, Ed Hardy clothing is not a symbol of devil worship. People may perceive it as so but it has absolutely no origin.