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It lives in Australia so maybye not

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Q: Are there rain bow lorikeet in wet lands?
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What is a habitat for a animal in the rainforest?

wet lands or also know as rain forest

What is a name for the rainforest?

rain forest got there name by all the rain in the forest unlike a regular forest its wet and has the most organisms like plants and animals its easy to adapt in the wet lands like rain forests

Are wet lands and rainforsest the same?

No. Wet lands are the estuaries of rivers, where fresh water meets salt. Rain forests are collections of trees (and other plants) over a large enough area that the evaporation from the plants modifies the local weather.

Does hurricanes happen in dry lands or wet lands?

Hurricanes can occur in both dry and wet lands.

Why are rain forests are common in tropical wet regions?

It is called a tropical wet region because of the rain keeping it wet resulting in a rain forest.

Do you get more wet running or standing in the rain?

You get more wet standing in the rain.

Why doesn't the rain get wet when it rain?

The rain doesn't get wet when it rains because the raindrops itself are water droplets.

What plants do wet lands have?


What is the African savannas?

wet lands

Where do pheasants have their young?

in the wet lands

Why does your hair get wet in the rain?

your hair gets wet in the rain because the vapour of the water and its force

What are the physical features of the lower southeast?

flat lands swamps and wet lands