Are there real state alchemist

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: Are there real state alchemist
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Does the movie ever give a state alchemist title for Alphonse Elric and if so what is it?

It does not. He never becomes a State Alchemist.

Is there any real nudity in Full Metal Alchemist that would make parents angry?

No, there is no nudity in Fullmetal Alchemist.

In Fullmetal Alchemist when Ed gets his title certification what does the paper say?

Basically, the paper congratulates Ed for earning the title of state alchemist and gives him the name "Fullmetal Alchemist." The paper certifies him as a state alchemist and is signed by Fuhrer King Bradley himself.

Why doesn't Edward Elric wear a military uniform and Roy Mustang does?

The military doesn't make extra small uniforms xD Actually, he has a civilian status so he does not have to wear the uniform.

Who is FullMetal?

Fullmetal is the name given to Edward Elric when he becomes a State Alchemist. Every State Alchemist has a name given to them, and the name describes the Alchemist or the type of Alchemy they use. For Example: Edward Elric is given the title Fullmetal Alchemist because of his metal arm and leg. Roy Mustang is given the title Flame Alchemist because he uses fire.

Why does full metal alchemist have a similer name to full metal panic and full metal jacket?

Edward has two artificial limbs each one mechanical and metal. He has also passed his state alchemist exam so he is legally a state alchemist. He is there for dubbed the Fullmetal alchemist. There is no correlation with that and those movies

Is fullmetal alchemist real?

If you mean real as in there is an anime, manga, video games, etc. ... then yes, it is real. If you mean if Edward Elric is real then no, he is not.

What is Edward Elric's occupation?

Edward Elric is a/an State Alchemist

Who is the real life alchemist who was honored with a character in the Harry Potter series?

Answer: Alchemy is not real Answer: Nicolas Flamel was a real person who lived some centuries ago.

What is a economic alchemist?

No such alchemist.