Are there reliable medical therapy groups online?

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Yes there are reliable medical therapy and support groups online for different diseases. I have one for Interstitial Cytistis and it does help sometimes.
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What are the basic rules for group therapy?

Group sessions are confidential. Members and leaders are bound ethically and legally not to disclose the contents of the sessions in any way that could identify members of the group. Remember, we are building trust and safety. . Use "I" statements: Speak from your own experience by using "I" instea ( Full Answer )

Who are the reliable online essay editors?

There are many reliable companies. Pick the one that fits yourbudget and provides the services that you need. First go throughtheir terms and service then take the benefits. To write a perfectessay we need the help of essay editing service. Get more info: ( Full Answer )

What is group and community therapy?

Group and community therapy is a form of psychotherapy in which agroup of patients meet to describe and discuss their problemstogether under the supervision of a therapist. Many times grouptherapy is combined with individual therapy and medication as partof a treatment plan.

Define group therapy?

Group therapy is a method that is practiced by individuals whoneeds group support to talk about an issue. The group facilitatoris normally and individual that has gone through the topic at hand.

What is group therapy?

In group therapy approximately 6-10 individuals meet face-to-face with a trained group therapist. During the group meeting time, members decide what they want to talk about. Members are encouraged to give feedback to others. Feedback includes expressing your own feelings about what someone says or ( Full Answer )

Can Insulin therapy be administered by an oral medication?

Insulin can not be administered by oral route. Insulin has got peptide bond, which is broken down in your stomach. When you give insulin in enteric coated form to by pass the stomach enzymes, insulin is not absorbed by your intestine.

What is medical therapy?

Medical Therapy or medication therapy is the art and science of improving one's health outcome and in the process decreasing expense on drugs and treatment.

Is art therapy reliable?

Art therapy is one technique in a broad array of techniques that may be useful in some situations. There is no way to measure its "reliability" since -- like all therapies -- the results cannot be scored. They vary among patients.

Does the reliability affects your shopping online?

yes. of course is the most important points ....before you buy things from a website ,its reliability is the key point to decided its quality....i bought clothing on for several times ,it is a reliability website....if you want to buy wedding dress ,sexy lingerie,formal dress ,sw ( Full Answer )

What is the medication therapy for patent ductus arteriosis?

Of all the congenital heart diseases, patent ductus arteriosis (PDA) is the only disease that can be treated. The PDA treatment algorithm includes the following: . Fluid restriction . Diuretics . Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) [See elaboration below.] . Indomethacin, OR ( Full Answer )

How can you tell if an online source is reliable?

If you have a source don't be lazy and check at least two to three different sources and compare the given info. If the sources match, then the one you are asking about is reliable. If not it is not reliable. In cases like that just pick up a book. It doesn't hurt.

How much does group therapy cost?

I believe it costs about one third of an individual psychotherapy session, which works out to be anywhere between $20-$40.

How reliable is one plan medical aid?

Well one has to wait and see how reliable they are. They have not as yet paid my doctors visitation bill since may 2011 and neither the hospital for my hubby's operation he had, they we did get an authorization for. So now we wait, how long?

How is group therapy carried out?

size of a group is usually five to 10 people, plus a specially trained therapist who guides the group discussion and provides examination of issues and concerns raised.

Is a reliable online seller?

I think is reliable since I bought from them. I bought my wedding gown there and it is so fantastic with heavy material and a lot of handcraft. at least worth 1000$ in my place.So happy with it. They have own brand G&G. You can trust them. I am going to order my BM again soon.

What are some risks of group therapy?

Some very fragile patients may not be able to tolerate aggressive or hostile comments from group members. Patients who have trouble communicating in group situations may be at risk for dropping out of group therapy.

What is the benefit of group therapy?

The main benefit group therapy may have over individual psychotherapy is that some patients behave and react more like themselves in a group setting than they would one-on-one with a therapist.

What is the purpose of group therapy?

Group therapy attempts to give individuals a safe and comfortable place where they can work out problems and emotional issues. Patients gain insight into their own thoughts and behavior, and offer suggestions and support to others.

Who is not suitable for group therapy?

Patients who are suicidal, homicidal, psychotic, or in the midst of a major acute crisis are typically not referred for group therapy until their behavior and emotional state have stabilized.

What is the Transition stage of group therapy?

Before a group can move into a working stage they go through a phase of transition. This phase is characterized by anxiety, defensiveness, resistance, control issues, conflicts between members and/or with leader and different behavioural problems. It can be difficult to move forward from this stage. ( Full Answer )

How reliable are online faxing services?

I think they are pretty reliable; at least I have never had any bad experiences. As I can always see whether my fax arrived or not and if so what' s the reason of failure, it' s very easy to manage

What is the difference between medical massage therapy and massage therapy?

In the field of massage and bodywork there are a number ofdifferent modalities. One could think of "modalities" in terms ofmartial arts, there are a million different ideas of how to throw apunch but each is attempting to accomplish the same goal. The major difference when discussing medical massag ( Full Answer )

Is ehealth a reliable resource for medical advice?

While health websites may provide a wealth of information, they are not a substitute for an actual doctor. Health websites are useful for finding information on ailments you may already have but, if you're trying to diagnose symptoms it is best to see your doctor.

How reliable is the glucose meter from Liberty Medical?

The glucose meters from Liberty Medical seem to be pretty reliable. Each company of course has it's ups and downs in a product, but the meters with liberty medical seem pretty great and a good quality.

Are online depression tests reliable?

Sometimes. Actually, online tests could be reliable to detect a little deprime. They're not supposed to diagnose a real depression because it needs some physical examining too.

Are reservations that you make online reliable?

Most certainly they are. If someone offers reservations online, you can bet that they are going to keep them. However, make sure you are using that businesses official site when making reservations.

Are online stock trades reliable?

There are quite a few different online stock trading services you can use, with varying levels of reliability. Two of the best reviewed, with excellent reliability, are optionsXpress and OptionHouse. Answer: If you trade stocks using online platform of reputed stock brokers then it is very much ( Full Answer )

What are some reliable medical groups?

Some of the top rated medical groups according to the Integrated Healthcare Associated rating scale include Kaiser Permanente Medical Group, Sutter Medical Group, UCLA Medical Group, and Affinity Medical Group. These are all for California.

Is free online storage reliable?

Not always. There is a history of free online storage sites going out of business. So although they provide a great service for storing materials remotely, it is not a good idea to commit the only copy of your data to such businesses.

How reliable is Manchester online news?

The Manchester online news is the local news there and is deemed reliable. They have up-to-date stories and all the headlines you may be looking for. They can also be found on BBC.

How do support groups differ from therapy groups?

In my opinion a support group is one in which each member orparticipant, including the leader, is working toward a common goal,some relief or recovery if you will from a particular issue. Eachof the members is free to contribute and each is encouraged to notonly give input but to consider the method ( Full Answer )

Are credit reports online reliable?

Credit reports online are reliable. These reports are taken from the same three major credit bureaus that lenders will pull their own reports from.

Is qpstore a reliable online store?

I've bought from this store for twice, the first time i bought abicycle light with 15 pounds, and received my items within 3 days;then i go there again to buy an airplane engine, but the secondpurchase made me angry because they've sent me a wrong item...and icontact with the customer service, they' ( Full Answer )

Can athletic therapy be learned online?

Yes. There is already an International Board of Certified Athletic Therapists (IBCAT) accredited university offering a master of science degree in athletic therapy through an online on-demand program with optional campus based technique classes. So it is possible to obtain a degree in athletic ther ( Full Answer )

What is a reliable medical billing software?

A reliable medical billing software is reliable when it's been made secure enough to manage billing transactions. Also, medical softwares who are HIPAA certified, are definitely reliable. HIPAA is the acronym for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, the first comprehensiv ( Full Answer )

How reliable are online pregnancy quizzes?

I would not rely at all on an online pregnancy quiz. I would suggest either getting a take home pregnancy test kit or merely visiting your doctor or a clinic.

How reliable are online psychics?

Psychics are believed by some people, but not by others. Webpage-based psychics are just as reliable as non-webpage psychics, and often produce detailed readings daily.

How reliable is Turbo Tax Online?

According to experts, Turbo Tax Online is the best of the online tax services. The price is more expensive than other online tax services but it is still the one to beat.

What illness can be cured by online therapy?

It is doubtful if online therapy could cure any physical problem or illness. It could be used to treat mental problems like anxiety or depression through counseling or hypnotherapy.

What is the medical description for Gestalt therapy?

The medical description for Gestalt therapy is a form of psychotherapy that emphasizes personal responsibility. You can learn more about this at the Wikipedia. Once on the website, type "Gestalt therapy" into the search field at the top of the page and press enter to bring up the information.