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Are there scholarships for students with mentally ill parents?

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Yes. At colleges and universites they have a financial aid office. When you go down there for your financial information ask them. I know that there are scholarships available for students whose parents are ill.

2006-08-04 23:39:33
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Are there scholarships for mentally ill students?

Lilly Pharm. is giving one for Bipolor and Schizophrenics I believe.

Are there scholarships for the mentally ill to pay for college?

I don't know but they shouldn't have to!

Mentally ill or depressed patient?

Mentally ill or depressed patient?"

Is a autistic person mentally ill?

A autistic person is mentally ill yes.

Who crusaded for humane treatment of the mentally ill?

Dorothea Dix crusaded for humane treatment on the mentally ill. She began her work for the mentally ill in 1841.

What is the difference guilty but mentally ill as a verdict?

The pupose of the "guilty but mentally ill" verdict is to

What kind of medications are given to the mentally ill?

usually, the kind that keep you mentally ill

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because he is mentally ill and he doesnt want to be alone in his illness. you should join him and be a happy mentally ill couple :) <3

Persons who crusaded for humane treatment of the mentally ill waswere?

Dorthea Dix was a very influential crusader for humane treatment of the mentally ill. She became a champion for the treatment of the mentally ill when she visited a jail and was appalled at the conditions the mentally ill women suffered.

Would a drunk driver be viewed as mentally ill?

Not always. Being charged once or twice would not be viewed as mentally ill, but a large amount of DUI charges may be viewed as mentally ill, depending on the case.but then again it depends on your definition of mentally ill.

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If they murder and rape their dog there is a slight chance they are mentally ill.

Traditional psychiatric treatment is the best for the mentally ill.?

Traditional psychiatric treatment is the best for the mentally ill.

What type of services are needed for the mentally ill?

Has the concept of deinstituionalization be effective in providing needed services to the mentally ill? why or why not?

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Continuous abuse of alcohol can indeed make one mentally ill.

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Its not such a good idea to give a bow and arrow to someone who is mentally ill

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Yes, She Is Very Ill

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they are ill

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Some people say that he was mentally ill, but in reality, he wasn't. They just said that to reason with his maniac behavior. this is true but he killed and slaughtered like a maniac that looked like he was mentally ill

Do the mentally ill have perfectly inelastic demands for cigarettes and alcohol?

mentally ill have perfectly inelastic demands for cigarettes and alcohol

Mentally ill patients should not be required to be treated against their will.?

Mentally ill patients should not be required to be treated against their will.

What is the difference between psychopath and mentally ill?

the difference between mentally ill and psychopath is that mentally ill could be anything from ADHD-OCD it also includes PTSD. A phsychopath is someone who has odd tendancies to violently lash out.

How do you prove a mother is mentally ill?

The only way to prove to others that anyone is mentally ill is to have that person examined by qualified medical people. Sometimes they will confirm your belief that the person is mentally ill, but sometimes they will tell you that you are wrong.

What is the penalty for ill-treatment of mentally ill?

There isn't a set one. It depends on the type of ill-treatment. It will be similar to the punishment for the same ill-treatment of a non-mentally ill person but possibly more severe.

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