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Some sharks do exist off the Welsh coast, but as a rule they are harmless and not dangerous to humans.

The most common sort is the Basking Shark, a plankton-feeder that has no interest in people, and the Porbeagle Shark, which although predatory upon smaller fish, is not dangerous. There have been rare occasions when dangerous sharks HAVE appeared off Wales and attacked swimmers and Scuba-divers, but this is extremely unusual- in such cases, the fish concerned have usually been small packs of Tiger Sharks that have strayed into Northern waters and the events are so rare that when they occur, they usually make the news.

In general, the waters off Wales are much too cold for the more dangerous type of shark to inhabit. A juvenile Great White got stuck in Cardigan Island Sound in the Summer of 1976 and had to be rescued, but the Summer of '76 was abnormally hot and may have served to warm the seas around the British Isles to such an extent that fish used to warmer waters may have been tempted to stray Northwards in search of food- barracuda and marlin were also reported to have been seen around the British Isles at the same time, which is almost unheared of.

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Yes, there are baskin sharks in the seas of the Isle of Wight, but they do not have teeth and they feed mainly on krill. You will very rarely see a baskin shark. There is the very rare dangerous shark that sometimes drift over to the seas of the Isle of Wight, but even then it is very unlikely that it will actually attack you.

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Q: Are there sharks in Wales
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