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You have to urinate a lot! Also, if the tea is caffeinated, you can become addicted/dependent on caffeine.

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Q: Are there side effects if you drink a lot of tea?
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What are some of the negative side effects of Oolong tea?

If you drink too much of it, it's like coffee... you get nervous.

What are effects of white tea?

The tea you drink is white,And oh the guys who like white tea.

What is the mass noun of tea?

It's just "tea," as in "I drink a lot of tea."

What side effects are there related to drinking tea weight loss?

There are no known side effects related to drinking tea for weight loss. Drinking tea is very beneficial for you.

What happens when you drink tea a lot?

You'd pee a lot.

Home remides to detox THC?

drink a lot of green tea or water but i suggest a lot of tea.

Is green tea important to drink?

green tea is very good for you so you should try and drink it a lot

What are side effects manasul tea?


Which country people drink a lot of tea?

i heard that people in england drink alot of tea..19% of british women prefer to drink tea rather than sex

What sre the side effects of badia slimming tea?

Can you take this tea being pregnant?

Does green tea perfume have side effects?

Green Tea perfume is made with green tea extract. This is a homeopathic solution and should have no adverse side effects. Always check with a physician if you think you may have an allergic reaction.

How many people drink black tea in Iran?

on the percentage side it had to be more than 98% of Iranians drink and prefer black tea

Why are Hindu not allowed to drink tea and coffee?

Who ever wrote this question is wrong my friend's mom drinks a lot of Indian tea and sometimes coffee. They are suppose to drink tea. this is the right answer.

Does tea cause cavity?

No, tea does not cause cavity.Tea will weaken the gum if you drink a lot. I think the worst one is red tea.

What is a popular Korean dish?

Kimchi is a popular side dish and koreans drink tea often. Koreans don't drink much else than water or tea but when they do drink they drink a varity of things!

What tea helps clear skin?

I believe its green tea. You have to drink a lot of it, but it will keep your skin looking clear.

What are the side effects of oolong tea?

Too much Oolong Tea can cause side effects related to the caffeine. The side effects include headache, nervousness, sleep problems, vomiting, diarrhea, irritability, irregular heartbeat, tremor, heartburn, dizziness, ringing in the ears, convulsions, and confusion.

Can they drink tea?

no they cannot drink tea.

Can essiac tea cause side effects?

Yes there are some side effects that have been associated with essiac tea. However, these effects are common when detoxing with any type of natural medicine. They are caused by built up toxins that are released into the bloodstream to be filtered and removed. If they are released to rapidly they can cause nausea, indigestion, flu like symptoms and other effects. You should start with a small dose at first and drink plenty of water to dilute the toxins.

You drink tea?

yes i like to take tea

How many times should young teenagers drink green tea in one day?

2 cups maximum because tea contains a lot of tanine and coffeine, teenager cas suffer from insomnia whe drinking a lot of GREEN tea, however you can drink non caffeine tea as much as you want!

Does tea stop your growth?

No, it does not! I drink a lot of tea and I am a 5"8 girl at age 15. Coffe can stunt your growth, but not tea. It is proven that tea is good for you, of course in moderations.

What are the negative side effects to taking a green tea diet?

For most people, the only side effect from drinking green tea is insomnia, caused by the caffeine naturally found in tea. Caffeine addiction can also be of concern, but many caffeine-free green teas are on the market. More information can be found here:

What to do if you have a cold?

drink lots of tea and aloe vera juice. also pee a lot.

How do you drink tea so it doesn't give me acid reflex?

you should drink a mild green or any mild herbal iced. Make sure there is not a lot of citrus fruits in the tea.