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I have been on this combination for a year now (10 mg Lexapro, which I just upped to 20 mg) and 36 mg of Concerta. I can't see any large side effects to taking both together, except perhaps excess sweating. Take Concerta in the morning only, especially if you have trouble falling asleep at night.

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Q: Are there side effects to Lexapro and Concerta together?
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Should you take less Concerta if you start taking lexapro?

i would not advise taking any concerta while taking lexapro. I am currently taking lexapro and have taken concerta about 7 times. Each time i took concerta i would hear many scary voices in my head. i looked up the psycotic effects of concerta and they said that a side effect of concerta is hearing voices if you are on an antidepressant

What are the side effects of taking Lexapro with requip?

It is possible that taking Lexapro and Requip together can increase the side effects of drowsiness, dizziness, and difficulty concentrating. Some people have also had impaired thinking while taking these medications in combination.

How can you ease the side effects of withdrawal from lexaprp?

How can you ease the side effects of withdrawal from lexapro

Can Lexapro affect your periods?

Yes it can. You can read all about the side effects of Lexapro in the link below.

What happens if you take expired Lexapro?

Lexapro is an SSRI. The side effects of old pills are unknown. The normal side effects are headache, nausea, dry mouth and insomnia.

Can Lexapro cause bed wetting?

Bed-wetting is not a side effect of Lexapro that has been reported by the manufacturer. The link below gives a comprehensive list of all the side effects of Lexapro that were observed during the clinical trials of the drug as well as the post-marketing side effects that have been observed since Lexapro has been on the market.

What are the side effects of taking Lexapro and Trimodal?

Ask your pharmacist or doctor.

Why take Lexapro and not Zoloft?

Lexapro has fewer side effects than Zoloft, such as dry mouth/ eyes and sexual dysfunction.

Does Lexapro cause diarrhea?

yes, lexapro can cause many abdominal symptoms: diarrhea, constipation, gas, general discomfort, etc. these are initial side effects and usually subside after about 2-6 weeks. and F.Y.I. I personally have experienced these side effects now that I am tapering off.

Can you use Concerta with LSD?

I wouldn't advise it at all. MDMA is a stimulant and in combination with the concerta will likely significantly increase blood pressure, heart rate, and could result in a heart attack. Also, MDMA effects the release/reuptake of serotonin, as does Lexapro (which is an SSRI). It is possible that this combination could lead to Serotonin Syndrome or at least a longer hangover after taking the MDMA.

You have moved to a new country that does not sell Lexapro is there an alternative that has the same ingredients?

Celexa is very similar to Lexapro one is Citalopram and the other Escitalopram. lexapro is newer and supposed to have fewer side effects but Celexa is helpful and similar to Lexapro.

Can Celexa and ambian cr be taken together?

yes, i was perscribed lexapro and then i couldn't sleep so i was perscribed ambien. i take them both no side effects it's safe