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Yes, and sea-snakes are among the most poisonous snakes in the world.

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What snakes are in the ocean?

coral snakes

Where do you can find ocean snakes?

In the ocean.

Do all snakes go to the ocean when they die?

No. Snakes never go into the ocean when they die.

How many sea snakes are in the Pacific Ocean?

there are 93,500 sea snakes in the pacific ocean

How do sea snakes move?

sea snakes move by slithering on the ocean floor.

Why don't they call sea snakes ocean snakes?

sea is shorter by JZ

What ocean has the most sea snakes?

pacific ocean and indian where the giant opctupus is

Where are most snakes found?

In the deep ocean!!!

Sea snakes are found only in what two oceans?

Sea snakes can be found in the warm coastal waters through the Indian Ocean to the Pacific Ocean.

What type of reptiles live in the ocean?

Seas snakes and sea turtles live in the ocean.

Do snakes live in land and water?

Yes. Two of the deadliest snakes in the world live exclusively in the ocean.

Are there sea snakes in Florida?

No, there are no sea snakes on any coast of atlantic ocean(including Florida ofcourse)

Are there any snakes that live in the tweed river?

no, the water will them into the ocean and drown them

Can snakes live underwater?

Yes. Most snakes are good swimmers and sea snakes live their entire lives in the ocean. That said, even sea snake must come to the surface to breathe.

What ecosystems do snakes live in?

Snakes inhabit many, many ecosystems. You can find them in deserts, rain forests, temperate forests, the ocean...many places.

Do snakes live in oceans?

snakes do not live in the oceans. Some snakes have the ability to swim but don't have any gills which are required for ocean life. But in the ocean there are eels. Eels are like the snakes of the sea except that they are slimmer, slippery, and most of the time, are shorter. The moray eel and some other eels have teeth. Not the teeth that snakes have (which is only a pair of fangs) but 2 rows of small triangular teeth. if you don't want to read the long paragraph above, then read this: SNAKES DO NOT LIVE IN OCEANS.

Reptiles that live in the ocean?

Sea snakes Also many species of Sea turtles

Are snakes in the ocean carnivores?

Yes - they have strong venom to subdue their usual prey - fish.

Do snakes eat dolphins?

No. While the largest snakes are, in theory, large enough to eat a baby dolphin (though not an adult), none of these species live in the ocean. Sea snakes are much too small to eat dolphins.

Do gigantic huge big snakes live at the bottom of the sea?

No. They need to breathe. Unless you are talking about eels or them living on the surface, there is no evidence of giant snakes in the bottom of the ocean.

What eats dead animals in the ocean?

Sharks and great white sharks Coral snakes thanks

What is the belcher's Sea Snakes habitat?

It lives in the Indian ocean, around Australia and the islands above it.

About water snakes in acapulco Mexico?

what kind of snake eats sand crabs in the pacific ocean

What does the french institute of tropical America studies?

they either study soil in ocean water, disease or, snakes.

Do snakes live in the tropical rainforest?

Some snakes live in tropical rainforests, but not all. Other types of snake inhabit temperate forests, grasslands, deserts, lakes, streams, and the ocean.