Are there stain and odor removers for wooden decks?


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I have two older dogs that have shed hair between my deck boards. I have cleaned the hair out with a putty knife but the odor remains. Is there any products available for stain and odor remover for outdoor wooden decks?

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Hello, Most products can take care of both stain and odor in one squirt. One of the most popular is '''Nature's Miracle, but there are several products to choose from. Here are some guidelines in choosing the best stain/odor removers: '''

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I've linked several online sellers of different products below. You can find a do-it-yourself method on WikiAnswers with a search.

Hi, Most products can take care of both stain and odor in one squirt. One of the most popular is '''Nature's Miracle, but there are several products to choose from. Here are some guidelines in choosing the best product to remove dog's stain/odors: '''

The Dog Whiperer's Natural Odor & Stain Remover! This cleaner IS AMAZING

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There are lots of ways to remove the smell of car urine from a carpet. One of the best ways to do it is by using an odor remover like, Nature's Miracle Stain & Odor Remove, which can be purchased from pet stores and on websites like Amazon.

a product you can buy online called "zero odor" and also pet urine removers at pet stores that use enzymes to break down the molecule.

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Oxygen bleach, such as OxiClean, is a cleaning agent that, when added to water, breaks the bond between the surface and the stain, dirt, odor, etc., that is attached to the surface. It is usually used with laundry for stain removal purposes.

Take it to the cleanters and let them know what it's stained with, they should be able to get the stain and odor out.

To remove old cat urine from carpet you could try using ATX odor kill and stain remover. It breaks down organic compounds that cause odor breaking them down to benign, odorless compounds.

Usually the odor from wood stain dissipates after a few days but if you are planning to seal the drawers with varnish or polyurethane the odor can be reduced dramatically by using steell wool to smooth the finish and a damp rag or a cheesecloth "tack rag"" to pick up the dust particles followed by a light cleaning with a warm damp cloth and mild detergent (I prefer Murphy's Oil Soap). In essence, though, the odor will usually be gone within a week as the stain has a chance to settle into the wood.

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