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Of course.

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โˆ™ 2011-03-15 05:24:58
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Q: Are there still vampires lurking around?
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What can you learn from chupacabras?

you can learn that vampiers do exist they can be human form or an animal form. no matter wat vampires are lurking around.

Why are you lurking around?

Because I vastly prefer it to lurking ahexagon

Are Vampires Still Around?

NO! Of couse not. ______ Depends who you ask. And who you know. I personally know vampires will always be around. Although it is rather obvious.

Does werewolves run in long distances?

Werewolves run in long distances all the time, often to either reach and eat or flee from those crazy Vampires lurking around :)

How can i put lurking into a sentence?

Example: "I found him lurking in the woods" Lurking means hiding, hanging around sneakily or surreptitiously, etc.

What did the things vampires do for live?

Vampires are alive to live a long life by drinking the blood of human.they still live in some place in the world and still they are alive to drink the blood of human.Check around u may be vampires may be.

Do the vampires and wolves still live?

vampires never existed, and wolves still exist.

Are vampires walking around today?

Vampires are widely accepted as creatures of folklore, despite persisting rumors of their existence brought on by popular culture. Animal vampires - such as the Chupacabra - are still believed to exist, however.

What word means hanging around with evil intent?


How can you identify a vampire around us?

There are no vampires around us. Vampires are mythical.

Where around the world do vampires habitat?

There is no such thing as Vampires.

Is there any vampire still living around us in 2013 in today's world?

No. Vampires do not exist and never did.

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