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Are there sush thing as a dark ball in Pokemon emerald?


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June 08, 2007 5:40PM

Yes you can get 1dark ball in Emerald version. (You can't buy one, a person gives it to you) I caught a Rayquaza with it. Also go on and battle me if you dare. Username=Bergman17 Password=not telling password Pokemonteamon crater : LV 100 VENUSAR, LV 100 BLASTOISE, LV 100 KINGLER, LV 71 MAGMAR, LV52 PUPITARandLV 73 FLYGON P.S. Training Pupitar into Tyranitar, trying to find Shadow Lugia + Mewtwo +Mew. BYE-BYE AND REMEMBER TO BATTLE ME AND GET THAT DARK BALL.