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Q: Are there symbols that mean teamwork?
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What does the word kyoryoku mean?

Teamwork or collaboration

What does I in the word teamwork mean?

The expression is, "There is no I in teamwork." This is both literal, there is no "i" in the word, and figurative, meaning when working in a team, the team is more important than the individual.

What do hieroglyphic symbols mean?

They can mean words like our letters are kind of like their symbols. It is just another language but sometimes there hieroglyphic symbols mean sentences.

What is the name of symbols used for mathematical processes?

If you mean the symbols like +, -, etc., those are called "operators".If you mean the symbols like +, -, etc., those are called "operators".If you mean the symbols like +, -, etc., those are called "operators".If you mean the symbols like +, -, etc., those are called "operators".

How do you make Michael Jackson with symbols?

What do you mean with symbols?

Do the symbols XY mean your crazy and if not what symbols mean your crazy?

XY is the male chromosomes, i dont know what the symbols for craziness are though

What do symbols on a tipi mean?

Certain symbols on the tipi's talk about how they hunt and how they survive they also mean what they do for life and other things. Some people say that the symbols mean what they used to do.

What were Poseidon's symbols and what did they mean?

One of the symbols is a horse. Another is the sea.

How do you get symbols on your MySpace?

By symbols you mean? I can help you with this just message me if you like :)

What does relationship symbols mean?

it means that the symbols are putting a meaning on what the relationship is

What are the symbols on the back of a priests vestment mean?

That depends on what symbols are on it. It varies.

What do all the symbols on a calculator mean?

there are symbols and the meanings so you can use the numbers and symbols mixed together