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yes there was

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Q: Are there volcanic eruptions that happened in haiti?
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How volcanic eruptions differ from earthquakes?

volcanic eruptions are hotter

Are volcanic eruptions rare?

Volcanic eruptions are common in some of the Earth's volcanic hot-spots.

Is there any volcanic eruptions that have happened more times a year than normal?

There really isn't a "normal" when it comes to volcanic eruptions. Kilauea in Hawai'i has been erupting continuously since 1983

Is there any volcanic eruptions in Mars?

yes! volcanic eruptions happen on mars NASA

Is igneous released in volcanic eruptions?

Correct. Igneous rocks fly out of volcanic eruptions

What are the kinds of volcanic eruptions?

The kinds of eruptions are the quiet eruptions and the explosive eruptions.

What volcanic eruptions have caused travel troubles?

the volcanic eruptions in Europe they cant travel anymore

What solar events occur during volcanic eruptions?

There are no Solar events that are connected to volcanic eruptions.

How many volcanic eruptions have there been in forever?

There have been innumerable eruptions and volcanic outbursts. And we have no way of counting the individual eruptions in much of pre history.

Are volcanic eruptions weather or climate related?

No, climate and weather do not cause volcanic eruptions. However weather affects the products produced by a volcanic eruption.

What are the 2 types of volcanic eruption?

There are effusive eruptions and explosive eruptions.

Does Uranus have volcanic eruptions?

yes it does