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Are there volcanoes on Mercury?

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Yes. However, those volcanoes have not erupted in billions of years.

2014-03-09 21:37:26
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Are there shield volcanoes on mercury?

No. There are no volcanoes on Mercury.

Does mercury the planet have volcanoes on it?

Yes the Mercury has volcanoes on it.

Does mercury have extinct volcanoes?

Yes, Mercury has extinct volcanoes.

How many volcanoes are on Mercury?

There are about 30-50 volcanoes on Mercury

Does mercury have volcanoes and craters?

Mercury has impact craters but not volcanoes.

Are Mercury Volcanoes extinct?

Yes the planet mercury volcanoes are all extinct

What are all the landforms on Mercury?

The surface on mercury has ridges, volcanoes,and cliffs The surface on mercury has ridges, volcanoes,and cliffs

Does mercury has volcanoes storms or water?

No. Mercury is a geologically dead planet. It has no volcanoes, not atmosphere, and no water.

Does mercury have any storms volcanoes or craters?

There are no storms of volcanoes on Mercury, but the planet is covered in impact craters.

How many volcanos are on Mercury?

there are about 63 volcanoes on Mercury

Volcanoes on mercury?

yes there are

Are there volcanoes on the planet Mercury?


Does Mercury have volcanoes craters rings etc?

Mercury has volcanoes and craters like the moon, but no rings, only the gas giants have rings, and Mercury has no moon.

Were there eruptions observed on Mercury?

No, because there are no known volcanoes on Mercury.

Does mercury have volcanic or storm activity?

No. Mercury does not have volcanoes or storms.

Are there any giant volcanoes on Mercury?

There is a ring of volcanoes on the surface of the planet Mercury. Some scientists think that there may be lava flowing on Mercury at all times.

Are there giant volcanoes on mercury?

Yes, but they are not high mountains but shield volcanoes.

Are there any Extinct volcanoes on mercury?


Are there any active volcanoes on Mercury?


Why is Venus hotter then mercury?

there is more volcanoes on venus than mercury

Does the planet Mercury have active volcanoes?

No, Mercury seems to be inactive rock.

Does Mercury have any volcanic activity?

There are no volcanoes currently located on the planet Mercury and therefore no volcanic activity. It is believed that this planet used to have volcanoes.

How many volcanoes does Mercury have?

No one knows.

Does Mercury have any volcanoes?

yes from the past

Are there volcanoes and trees and river in mercury?