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There are no Volcanoes in the Rocky Mountains.

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Q: Are there volcanoes on the Rocky Mountains?
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Are the any cone volcanoes in the rocky mountains?


Are there active volcanoes in the rocky mountains?

yes there are

What is bigger the Rocky Mountains or the Appalachian mountains?

The rocky mountains are bigger

Are there mountains and volcanoes in Florida?

There are mountains, but not volcanoes.

Which mountains have higher peaks the Appalachian Mountains or the Rocky Mountains?

The Rocky Mountains do

Are all mountains volcanoes?

No, not all mountains are volcanoes.

Which mountains are higher the Rocky Mountains or the Appalachian mountains?

The rocky mountains are higher because they are years younger that the Appalachian mountains. The rocky mountains are very sharp.

Can volcanoes make mountains?

yes volcanoes can make mountains

Is California in the Rocky Mountains?

No. It is west of the Rocky Mountains.

Are the Rocky Mountains volcanic?

no the rocky mountains are not volcanic.

Which mountains are higher Rocky or Appalachians?

The Rocky Mountains.

What are landslides of the Rocky Mountains?

what are the landslides of the Rocky Mountains

The Rocky Mountains stretch from to?

the rocky mountains stretch from

What is a sentence for Rocky mountains?

The Rocky Mountains are in Canada.We will climb the rocky mountains this week.

Why aren't the Appalachian Mountains as tall or jagged as the Rocky Mountains?

The Appalachian Mountains are millions of years older than the Rocky Mountains. Geologists believe the Appalachian Mountains once had active volcanoes because of the types of rocks found but these went extinct long ago. Because of erosion, wind, and time, the Appalachian Mountains are now more rounded and less in height.

Which are higher in altitude the Rocky Mountains or the Appalachians?

rocky mountains

What is the population in the rocky mountains?

10000.0000,0000,00000000.That is the population of the rocky mountains.

A basic description of Rocky Mountains?

the rocky mountains are mountainous

Which range is taller mountains Appalachian or rocky?

rocky mountains

Who are younger the Rocky Mountains or the Appalachian mountains?

rocky mountain

Which mountain range is longer- the rocky mountains or sierra Nevada mountains?

the rocky mountains

Why are the appalacian mountains warmer than the rocky mountains?

because the rocky mountains are taller.

What mountain range is bigger Rocky Mountains or Appalachian mountains?

the rocky mountains are bigger

What is special about the rocky mountains?

The rocky mountains are special because they have lots of visitors for it! the rocky mountains are cool because of all the things they have and they are common! the rocky mountains are really cool because they are in The USA

How do you use rocky mountains in a sentence?

There are some very rocky mountains in the west of Ireland. The Rocky Mountains are a range of mountains in the west of the USA.