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Mars has volcanoes and the biggest volcano in the whole solar system.

There are storms too.


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Mars has two moons, a number of volcanoes, impact craters, mountains, and dust storms. It does not have rings.

Mars has the largest volcano we know about - Olympus Mons - there are also many other volcanoes. Mars has impact craters just like the moon's - there are many of them Mars has storms (dust storms) that can envelop the whole planet.

An interesting feature of Mars is that there are volcanoes on its surface. There are also different types of erosion, canyons, and dust storms.

Mars is a dynamic planet because it has a very robust weather system. There are ice clouds, dust storms, volcanoes and craters.

mars has dust storms because mars has dust

yes, mars has dust storms.

Mars does have storms but they are not made up of precipitation. On this planet dust storms are very common.

they are very bad if mars storms happen we get lollipops

No. All the volcanoes on Mars are extinct.

No. The volcanoes of Mars are extinct.

Mars has dust storms. The winds increase and the temperature drops. These storms can last for a month or more, and are quite common on Mars.

Since mars is so similar to earth the do have storms mostly including sand storms but they do have other storms too!!

There are no storms of volcanoes on Mercury, but the planet is covered in impact craters.

Yes. Mars experiences massive dust storms.

There are dust storms and dust devils on Mars, but not tornadoes.

Mars has volcanoes and craters, but not rings.

Mars is not thought to have any active volcanoes. However, there are large inactive volcanoes found on the surface of Mars.

No. Mars does not have plate tectonics. The volcanoes on Mars are the result of hot spots.

No. Mars has cooled to the point that its volcanoes no longer erupt.

The volcanoes on Venus have thin, runny lava, when volcanoes on Mars have thicker lava and the volcanoes are much, much bigger.

No. Earth (obviously) and Venus have volcanoes as well.

Uranus has storms but not volcanoes. Uranus is a gas giant, so there is no solid surface on which volcanoes might form.

Mars is home to several volcanoes. It is hard for scientists to keep track of the amount of volcanoes on the planet so Mars is broken down into volcanic provinces.

No. There is not enough moisture in the air. Mars does have dust storms, which may be able to produce static discharges.

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