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Maybe. Not 'they', but it is predicted that somehow the expansion of the universe suddenly stops, the universe will be pulled together by its own gravity, and will be crused to immense density. This is called the Big Crush or The Big Freeze.

If this happens, there will be another big bang, maybe creating another universe.

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Are physicists able to recreate conditions that could have made the Big Bang possible?

Not nearly, and maybe that's a good thing!

How can you meet big bang?

you can meet big bang by going to their concerts in Korea or moving to Korea or possibly be their neighbors

How long was the big bang?

Realistically - it is still going on. The "big bang" was a term coined to ridicule an explanation for the birth of the universe. It was not a "bang" more a rapid expansion. As this expansion is still continuing, the "big bang" has not finished.

How does the Demonata series end?

Grubbs Kernal and Bec become the Kah-gash and destroy the universe, but then they recreate it with Grubbs preforming "The Big Bang"

How can the Large Hadron Collider be safe if it recreates the Big Bang?

It is impossible to recreate the Big Bang. The amount of energy required is, quite literally, unimaginable. To put this into perspective, it would take an accelerator larger than the Milky Way to be able to experimentally prove String Theory- and the amount of energy in the Big Bang is on a scale unimaginable in comparison to the previous example.

Are there going to be new episodes of the big bang theory?


What happens if you re-create the big bang theory?

If we recreate the big bang theory it will either crate a galaxy and teach us how to stop global warming or make a black hole and kill us all. It will probably be the stop global warming one.

Who are the big bang?

big bang are Korean popstar The big bang is a theory, which explains constant cycle of life. It says that at first everything was one then there was a big bang (explosion) and everything went apart. Now magnetically planets are coming slowly together again and then it's going to be a big bang...and over and over and over and over again....

What is the cosmic micorwave backgrounds orgin?

That is the residue from the Big Bang.That is the residue from the Big Bang.That is the residue from the Big Bang.That is the residue from the Big Bang.

When is the big bang theory season 7 going to come out.?

Season 7 of The Big Bang Theory started airing on September 26, 2013.

Why was the Big Bang neither big nor did it bang?

According to the believes of physics and the big bang, we know that the big bang was both big and a bang. Since we are still receiving radiation from the big bang, So considering that factor I would say that it was big and a bang. What do you believe?

Is the big bang a misnomer?

Yes Big Bang is a misnomer. It wasn't big and it wasn't a bang.

When was Big Bang - Big Bang album - created?

Big Bang - Big Bang album - was created on 2009-08-19.

What is the Big Bang 2 in Doctor Who?

At the end of season/series 5 of Doctor Who, a crack in the universe had completely eradicated everything but the earth from existence. The Doctor flew the Pandorica into the exploding TARDIS and scattered genetic and biological information about the entire universe to recreate it, in effect creating a second "big bang".

How do you draw the big bang?

use a bunch of colors going outwards in a boom

What did the big bang form from?

The prevailing hypothesis of the Big Bang Theory is that the Big Bang formed from a singularity.

What was the origin of the big bang?

The Big Bang is the origin of everything we know. It is not known what caused the Big Bang.

What is used by physicists to recreate the conditions of the early universe?

The Bose Einstein Condensate is used to simulate the early conditions of the universe. Particles are collided together at speeds that are close to the speed of light. This allows Particle Physicists to recreate and study conditions that were present prior to The Big Bang.

Assuming that the background radiation is a remnant of the big bang has anyone tried to verify by calculating its energy going backwards in time to the event of the big bang itself?

Scientists have already conducted this test. All this means is another proof for the theory of the big bang.

What is the average temperature of the universe after the big bang?

infinity at the exact time of the big bang. now 2.7 degrees K going back to zero, and the cycle begins again.

What was life like before the big bang?

There was no "before the big bang". Space AND time started with the big bang.

How did the Big Bang bang?

How did it what? - It isn't known what caused the Big Bang, if that's what you mean.

How big was the star that caused the big bang?

A star did not cause the Big Bang. Stars did not yet exist, and formed long after the Big Bang. The Big Bang was the expansion of the Universe from a singularity, not a star.

What was Stephen hawkings contribution to big bang theory?

the hawkings contribution to the big bang theory is that he is trying to explain what is before big bang and the singularities and why did the big bang hppened?

Are the people of earth going to die because of the big bang?

the "big bang" theory, is a theory as to how the universe was created from the explosion of a single, very large, very dense, body of matter. so in "theory" the people or earth only exist because of the big bang

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