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Silent Hill 2 has already been made and was released for the PlayStation 2 in 2001, although it is now possible to find copies of the game for both the PC and Xbox.

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Q: Are they making a silent hill 2?
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Are they making a Silent Hill 2 movie?

There will be a second Silent Hill movie, called Silent Hill: Revelation. However, it is a continuation of the first Silent Hill movie, and based off of what seems to be the third game.As for making a movie based off Silent Hill 2 the game, no.

How many silent hill games?

There are 7 games in total. Silent Hill, Silent Hill 2, Silent Hill 3, Silent Hill 4: The Room, Silent Hill: Origins, Silent Hill Homecoming, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

What are the names of all ten Silent hill games in order?

#1 Silent Hill #2 Silent Hill 2 #3 Silent Hill 3 #4 Silent Hill 4: The Room (The Silent Hill Collection)* #5 Silent Hill Origins #6 Silent Hill Homecoming #7 Silent Hill Shattered Memories #8 Silent Hill 8 #9 (Silent Hill: Orphan)* #10 (Silent Hill: The Escape)* *You may not count theese as Silent Hill games because One is a collection of #2 #3 and #4 in the series, and Orphan and The Escape were released on mobile phones.

Is there a silent hill 6?

There are seven Silent Hill Games in the Main series and a movie.Games1. Silent Hill2. Silent Hill 2 - Shattered Dreams3. Silent Hill 34. Silent Hill 4 - The Rooms5. Silent Hill - Origins (Also known as Silent Hill - Zero)6. Silent Hill - Homecoming7. Silent Hill - Shattered Memories (A remake of the first game)8. Silent Hill - Downpour (Due to be released)Films:Silent Hill (Of the first game)Silent Hill 2 - Revelations (Of the third game)Comic Books (Unsure if Official or not):Silent Hill - Past LifeSilent Hill - Dying Inside #1Silent Hill - Dying Inside #2Silent Hill - The Grinning ManSilent Hill - Sinner's RewardSilent Hill - Dead/AliveOthers:Silent Hill - Play NovelSilent Hill - ArcadeSilent Hill - Mobile DXSilent Hill - Mobile (Orphan)Silent Hill - The EscapeSilent Hill - Mobile 2Silent Hill - Mobile 3Silent Hill - Book of Memories

How many Silent Hill movies are there?

there's 2, Silent Hill and Silent Hill Revelation. All movies on TopRater:

How do you get born from a wish in Silent Hill 2 on PS2?

Get the Restless Dreams version. It's not on regular Silent Hill 2.

Will there be silent hill 2?

Silent Hill 2 was released in September 24, 2001. The game now is playable on Consoles (PS2) and on PC.

Where is the carousel in silent hill 1?

In the Amusement Park, Near The Very End Of The Game, Aswell As Silent Hill 3, And I Dont Think It Makes an apperance in silent hill 2

Will there be a silent hill 2?

there already is its called silent hill 2 restless dreams it was released a long time ago if your talking about the movie i don't know about that.

When is silent hill 2 the movie coming out?

The sequel to the first Silent Hill movie is coming out sometime in 2012.

Which silent hill game is best?

if you like getting scared a lot,get silent hill 2,that game will probably scare the crap out of you.

What games system did silent hill origins come out for?

Silent Hill Origins came out for the Sony PlayStation 2 and the Sony PSP.

Is silent hill a silent film?

No, Silent Hill is not a silent movie.

Are they making a sequel to the Silent Hill movie?

Yes, the film is currently in production.

What is the worst silent hill game?

Many people will have different opinions, but honestly my word I would say can be highly respected, I am quite a Silent Hill fanatic and pretty much study it to the core. I look beyond it just being monsters and fog but into the actual anthology of it. The worst Silent Hill installment was easily the movie for millions of reasons, which naturally makes Homecoming the worst of the games as it borrows largely from the movie. The movie was made by a team that had no business making it in the first place and so did Homecoming, so that on top of borrowing from the movie results in a very incorrect and flawed Silent Hill experience. However, Homecoming is overall a pretty good game and a fun and interesting survival horror. If one were to look past Silent Hill and look at it as more of a Stephen King or Sci Fi channel type of story then its a good experience. But when tagged with Silent Hill its very much full of errors. So, good horror game, bad Silent Hill game. It is pretty much the opposite of everything in the Silent Hill golden age (silent Hill, Silent Hill 2, Silent Hill 3).

What is a pyramid head off of silent hill describe?

Spoilers in the text for Silent Hill 2: In Silent Hill, the monsters represent a certain emotion that the main character has (Anger, grief, sadness). Pyramid head represents James Sunderland's grief from Silent Hill two for murdering his wife.

What is the silent hill storyline?

There are many different storylines, considering that there are 7 games and another one to come out this November, plus the film, but the main concept is that, at some point in the main characters life, they end up in silent hill, which is basically a strange other-world, full of grotesque monsters and a creepy atmosphere. Heres the titles to the individual games, if you wish to look up a particular story (not particularly in order); -silent hill -silent hill 2 -silent hill 3 -silent hill 4: the room -silent hill 5: homecoming -silent hill: origins -silent hill: shattered memories -silent hill: downpour (unreleased)

Is Aspen Hill Silent Hill?

No, it has nothing to do with Silent Hill.

Can silent hill 4 be played on the Wii?

No, the only Silent Hill to be released on the Wii would be Silent Hill: Shattered memories.

What should you get mgs HD or ff13-2 or silent hill downpour?

I just got silent hill hd collection. Homecoming hasent had good reviews. If I don't like the silent hill collection I'll get mgs he.

Why do thay call the movie silent hill?

They call it silent hill because its roughly based off the silent hill game series.

Silent hill 2 for PS2?

Yes, it is for both Playstation 2 and Xbox.

What are the release dates for Phelous and the Movies - 2008 Silent Hill 2-5?

Phelous and the Movies - 2008 Silent Hill 2-5 was released on: USA: 4 March 2010

Silent hill 3?

I think silent hill 3 is the easiest.

What year was the movie silent hill made?

Silent hill came out in 2006.