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Thick eyebrows are not ugly. According to most people associating with beauty, thick eyebrows have been picked for most gorgeous. And something else...who would want their eyebrows to be a line? I am one of those people who wouldn't.

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Her eyebrows is what make her funny ,she has thick eyebrows.

no they cant...its prohibited...but incase of an unmarried woman,,,she have to find a husband and no one is geeting married with her only because of her ugly eyebrows,,then it is allowed to pluck her eyebrows!

in my opinion i dont think so...if they are just shaped....but you know what i think is REALLY REALLY UGLY??...when they take off their complete eyebrow and then use eyeliner to draw eyebrows on everyday....terribly ugly....and they never even come out the same!

Typically, one should wax their eyebrows every three weeks. However, how often one should wax their eyebrows depends on how fast their eyebrows grow and how thick they want them.

Let them grow out for 4-6 months. I know this seems long but it's well worth it to have thick natural eyebrows and to speed up the process you could use castor oil or rogaine these two products works great for speeding the process up while your eyebrows grow in. Then get them professionally waxed, and make sure you tell them exactly how you want your eyebrows to look like bring a picture if you have to of eyebrows you want, and don't over pluck your eyebrows anymore. This is the only way i found that works it did for me, it was a long process but well worth it to have beautiful thick eyebrows in the end, there's no miracle product out there that's going to just hand you thick eyebrows, it's just all waisting your money or another option is to get it tattoed there are good tattoo artists now a days who can make your eyebrows look natural looking. Hope this helps!

It is haram to thread the eyebrows..but if its TOO thick you can just thread A BIT of them..not a lot of themyou must not follow "haram orders" from any of your parentbut 'halal orders' from them are needed ( wajib ) to be followed

It's simply genes/genetics. Just like some people have thick hair on their heads, some people have naturally thick eyebrows. Fun fact: a long time ago, harrier men were associated with being smarter/more intelligent.

well... it depends what your eyebrows look like. You can have full eyebrows like lily collins or heavy set eyebrows which are a little thicker. You may have very spread eyebrows in which the eyebrow hair isn't neatly together but basically all over the place. You could also have very thin eyebrows which aren't thick and are skinny.

tanned skin, black hair, dark thick eyebrows, long thick eyelashes, very pretty

It's the thick eyebrows. Also, she's 5'10.

his thick eyebrows and military mustache were as black as the night

No. Everyone is just made different. That's how life is.

There are a number of ways to get thicker eyebrows. One can use powder to darken them and make them look thicker. An eyebrow pencil can be used to draw the area one wishes to cover.

Yes she had. She doesn't like her thick eyebrows at first. When she shaved her eyebrows, she saw herself in the mirror and got shy. Even she covered her eyebrow with her shades. On the set of Mirror Mirror, Lily had to have a recoverment for a week. She wanted it to grow back an feel bad of what she did. Luckily, her eyebrows grow back.

the muscles that is responsible for breathing is your pathetic ' eyebrows while for digesting, its your hella ugly face....

Apply castor oil on them. They'll also wind up growing in thick,though.

You had it correct - eyebrows.

Yes! Girls like guys who don't have caterpillar eyebrows. Don't pluck them so much that they are gay style. Nobody would like that. (This is a famous actor, who clearly plucks his eyebrows.) I pluck mine similar to this picture. I don't want to look guy, but I don't want to have really thick eyebrows either. Find the balance!

Of course they are! I can do that with MY eyebrows and i almost got in it but i wasn't ugly enough. My eyebrows don't just wave, they break dance!!!! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> WHATEVER!!!~ NO NO NO they take pictures of the kids eyebrows and then using a computer some smart dude somewhere digitaly makes then move and then they will like photoshop them on to the kids faces and then speed it up to make the eyebrows move fast :P something like that, the main point being ----> using a computer!

no, just really hairy eyebrowsyes he does it is so UGLY!!!!!! p.s i HATE the stupid brothers!!! aka Jonas brothers

you can at any age, ok maybe not when you are a baby but if you do it'll make your eyebrows all weird (exept if you have abnormal eyebrows that are thick as coarse fur and your doctor or someone told you to) so don't do it! (unless you've got some gray hairs) ---- The previous answer is stupid. Almost every woman plucks her eyebrows. Some don't need to a whole lot. Some need to a LOT. you start when you feel like you need to. That can be anywhere from 12 to 16 give or take. Google how to pluck your eyebrows for tips.

No, monkeys do NOT have eyebrows.

No, rabbits do not have eyebrows

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