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Yeah but it's best not to.

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Q: Are thirteen year olds allowed to swear?
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Should thirteen year olds be allowed to watch R rated movies?

No, the ratings exist for a reason.

What is the plural of thirteen year old?

The plural form of thirteen year-old is thirteen year-olds.

Are there any thirteen year olds with the name Ankita out there?

Probably not.

Where can a 13 year old work in Des Moines?

Nowhere. Thirteen year olds are not legally allowed to work. You have to be at LEAST fifteen, I believe, and then you have to get a work permit signed by your school and parents.

Can 9 year olds swear?

Swearing is generally not appropriate for children, including 9 year olds. It is important for parents or guardians to discuss and set boundaries around language use with children to promote respectful communication.

Do you start being a teenager at sixteen or thirteen?

thirteen, but it doesn't mean you are ready to do things 16 year olds do

Can slender tone be used for thirteen year olds?

Yes but don't over do it

Can thirteen year olds get books published easily?

Yes, but only if they are a good writer

Are 10 year olds allowed to have a skype name?


Is family guy bad show for ten year olds?

Not really, I was watching The Simpsons when I was 10. There are a few swear words but otherwise, it is pretty suitable for 10 year-olds.

Can a thirteen year old be a model?

anybody can be a model (i have seen show where like 4 year olds are models)

What places will hire a 13 year old in East Lansing Michigan?

Thirteen year olds in Michigan are restricted to certain sports support activities such as caddying and some farming activities. There are also exemptions allowing thirteen year olds to work in businesses owned by their families.