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Brass vs stainless steel whichis suitable for plumbing

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Q: Are toilet repair kits stranderized
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Are toilet repair kits standardized?

Yes they are and very good ones can be bought in Home Depot.

Are there repair kits available to fix broken blinds?

Yes there are repair kits for fixing blinds

How can I repair my leaking toilet?

How can I do some home toilet repair? I have an upstairs pipe that is leaking underneath the toilet.

Are there Nintendo DS repair kits that are sold at Best Buy?

Best Buy doesn't sell Nintendo Ds repair kits they do sell Nintendo Ds accessory kits and cleaning kits.

Where can one find some fine thread repair kits?

Fine thread repair kits may be purchased from a retailer in the car repair business. Alternatively there are fine thread repair kits available on Amazon or Newegg for approximately $30.

What are the processes of toilet repair?

The processes of toilet repair would depend on a few factors. They would include whether one would want to repair the tank or the seat, the type of toilet, and the issue with the toilet.

Are male toilet kits allowed on airlines?


Are there repair kits for the Nintendo Game Cube?

Although there are no officially sanctioned repair kits there are third party kits available for sale online and replacement parts for repairs.

Where can one purchase a windshield repair kit?

One can purchase a windshield repair kit from most auto parts stores. AutoZone and Delta Kits both specialize in windshield repair kits. Walmart and Amazon also stock windshield repair kits if one needs the kit urgently.

How do I repair a cracked ceramic toilet tank?

How do I find out an answer to a question about toilet repair? I have a crack in my tank and I want to fix it. It is ceramic.

Where can I get more information about windshield repair kits?

The following website has a good information article about windshield repair kits: also sells professional windshield repair kits, and a store employee would be able to provide you with necessary information and cost comparison.

Is there a place I can buy windshield repair resin?

Yes, there are several places to purchase windshield repair kits. Home Depot, Canadian Tire and Lowe's all sell these kits. Online the kits can be ordered from Amazon or

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