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Tornadoes are sometimes called twisters, but tornado is the preferred scientific term.

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How are volcanoes and tornadoes different?

thay are different because lava comes out a volcano and tornadoes have winds and rain and it twists

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because thay just are because thay just are

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thay are a scam. dont give them anything. thay will just buy crack and jurk off in public like the KONY 2012 dude.

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because thay are just like dictator they fight for power

How are laws made and changed in japan?

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no why would thay do that thay could just make their own.. im not quite sure of that answer but if thay did thay probly wanted slaves

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thay just do it is nature

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dung, fruit anything that rots and no thay don't

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Technically, thay didn't have to do anything, they had servents

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Because thay are like that at birth and thay get used to it just like we are used to the world spinning

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thay are big thay are brown thay are in danger thay eat fish

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