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No. Tornadoes are violent.

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Yes. Many tornadoes do have a calm center similar to the eye of a hurricane.

Yes. Many tornadoes have a calm center similar to the eye of a hurricane.

Both tornadoes and hurricanes have a calm eye although obviously a hurricanes is much bigger.

yes they do the "calm eye" is a safe part to be kinda like the eye of a hurricane its pretty cool :) hope this helps

people scream or holler or cry. they panic or just be calm

Some tornadoes have a relatively calm area similar to the eye of a hurricane at their centers, though it is unclear if this area is completely calm.

Yes. Some tornadoes have a calm area at their centers not unlike the eye of a hurricane.

No. High pressure systems usually bring calm, clear weather. Hurricanes and tornadoes are associated with low pressure.

It is believed that some tornadoes have a calm, clear center similar to the eye of a hurricane. This is caused by the winds spinning so fast that they cannot reach the center. Aside from that it is neither calm nor clear in a tornado.

They both have rotating winds. Other than that they are completely different. Anticyclones are large-scale high-pressure systems that bring calm, clear weather. Tornadoes are small centers of low pressure with extremely violent winds.

Both hurricanes and at least some tornadoes have a calm area at the center called an eye. Though in technical terminology only the eye of a hurricane is a true eye. In a tornado it is referred to as a "weak-echo region" as it does not reflect a radar beam.

Not it is not. While some tornadoes have a calm center, that area is small and even if you are in that area, you will probably be struck the the violent winds within a few seconds.

Typhoons and tornadoes are both natural disasters that produce powerful, destructive winds that spiral cyclonically inwards via low pressure (clockwise in the southern. Typhoons have a calm, clear eye at the center of rotation and it is believed that many tornadoes have a similar feature.

its normally very calm in the middle of a tornado it really depends because even if its an EF5 tornado its usually very calm and slow. However, for weaker tornadoes the strongest winds occur near the center and may easily reach hurricane force.

Inside a tornado there are violently rotating winds that carry dust, debris, and cloud droplets. At the center of some tornadoes is a calm, clear area similar to the eye of a hurricane.

There is evidence that some tornadoes have a calm center similar to the eye of a hurricane. In other cases the winds at the center of a tornado are still violent.

Tornadoes are sometimes divided into "weak" tornadoes "strong" and "violent" tornadoes. Weak tornadoes are those rated EF0 and EF1. Most tornadoes are weak. Strong tornadoes are those rated EF2 and EF3. Violent tornadoes are those rated EF4 and EF5. They are the rarest of tornadoes, only about 1% of tornadoes are this strong.

Tornadoes in the U.S. are called tornadoes.

Inside a tornado you will find very rapidly rotating winds, and usually some debris and condensation. Many tornadoes are believed to have an area of calm air similar to the eye of a hurricane.

It depends on what you mean by extreme. Tornadoes of EF4 and EF5 tornadoes, however are often referred to as violent tornadoes. These account for about 1% of all tornadoes.

"Calm your tits" is British slang for "calm down". You "calm your tits" by doing whatever makes you calm (music, sports, etc).

Tornadoes don't get named, Hurricanes do, but Tornadoes don't.

Thin tornadoes are often called rope tornadoes.

Most tornadoes are supercell tornadoes.

No, it doesn't get tornadoes.