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Are urinating frequently and feeling tired as well as wanting to eat and feeling dehydrated considered pregnancy symptoms?


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Frequent urination, food cravings, breast tenderness, bloating, headaches, fatigue, moodiness, backaches, nausea, and most commonly missed periods are major signs of pregnancy. Many of these signs are comparable to P.M.S. so please be sure to take a pregnancy test to confirm that you are pregnant. If you would rather your doctor draw blood to confirm your pregnancy, this may be more accurate.


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yes because the baby puts pressure on your bladder urging you to go more frequently.

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Yes. Sometimes it can be lighter in color or slightly cloudy. If you are urinating more frequently than normal, it may be a sign of pregnancy.

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Yes, urinating frequently is simply a side-affect that occurs with most pregnancies; however, there are a number of pregnancies that make an exception.

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Urinating frequently is one of the many symptoms associated with pregnancy. However, it is also the symptom of many other things, including bladder infection, weak bladder and so on. It can even be because you drink a lot of water-based drinks (which is good for you). Urinating is not the only sign of pregnancy. There are dozens of other signs associated with pregnancy which happen alongside the urinating. If you do think you're pregnant, simply buy a home-pregnancy test. You should also stop and smoking and drinking until you are sure you are in the all-clear. If you are not pregnant but feel you have something "wrong" because of the urination, see a doctor.

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only if you hit them in the eye

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