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Are us Mazda trbute headlights compatible with UK tribute?

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they should be, since they are both mazdas and take the same kind of bulbs

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headlight switch is probaly your trouble

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How many seats in a Mazda tribute?

The Mazda Tribute seats 5 adults.

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What is the spark plug gap for a Mazda Tribute 2004 V6 2WD?

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Can you tow a Mazda 3 with a Mazda tribute?

The Tribute can tow up to 3500 lbs. If the Mazda 3 + any trailer you hitch it to is less than that, yea.

How do you slimjim Mazda tribute lock?

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Does a 2004 Mazda tribute have a timing belt or chain?

The 2004 Mazda Tribute 4 cylinder model has a timing belt. The Mazda Tribute V6 has a timing chain................."BUKUBU!LT".........B I G Island HAWA!!......

Were is the switch for the fog lights in your 2008 Mazda tribute?

pull the knob that controls the headlights "out" or towards you when the headlight setting is on 'A' for automatic. the headlights automatically come on when they sense it getting dark outside, and all you have to do to engage the fog lamps is pull the knob towards you.

Who manufactures the Mazda tribute?


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How much does it cost to have a catalytic converter installed in a 2001 Mazda tribute?

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On a mazda tribute what does the car with a key light indicator mean?

On a Mazda tribute, the car with a key light indicator means that the engine is started.

How do you change 2004 Mazda 6 headlights?

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Tailgate will not close on 2003 Mazda tribute?

It was recalled in 2004. Call Mazda.