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Yes. There are volcanoes on Venus and Mars as well as Jupiter's moon Io. None of the volcanoes on Venus and Mars are known to be active, though.

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Q: Are volcanoes found on any other planet besides Earth?
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Is neon found on any planet besides earth?


What small planets contain giant volcanoes?

The planet Mars has volcanoes far larger than any found on Earth.

Is there any planet that can support life besides earth?

There has not been any found yet.

Does any planet besides earth have lifeforms on it?

yes on Jupiter scientists found a small molacule

Are volcanoes only found on earth?

No, they are not limited to earth or ever our solar system. For example Io, one of the moons of Jupiter, is known to have volcanoes. They are merely dependent on if the planet has a molten core.

Why are volcanoes are commonly found at the edges of earth moving plates?

Volcanoes are usually found at the edges of the earth moving plates which are convergent or colliding that makes a volcanic vent at the edge of the planet where the magma can flow making a volcano.

What planet besides Earth has the highest chance with life on it?

mars, bescause of the ice trails found on its surface

Are volcanoes found everywhere on earth?

Volcanoes are found nearly everywhere on Earth. There are even volcanoes located in the United States. There are a handful of countries without them.

Are volcanoes found on the Earth?


Are hot spots where volcanoes are found?

Volcanoes can be found at hot spots, but most volcanoes are not. The majority of volcanoes on Earth are near plate boundaries.

What is a ice volcanoes?

Ice volcanoes are found on both earth and mars.

Where are earthquakes and volcanoes found on earth?

Earthquakes and volcanoes are usually found near plate boundaries.

Where are volcanoes found on earth's surface?


Where is gabbro found on the earth?

Gabbrois found near and in volcanoes.

Where are 90 percent of earth's volcanoes located why do we find volcanoes there?

I can answer the first part 90 percent of earth's volcanoes are found at plate boundaries.

What planet has 1600 large volcanos?

Venus has the most volcanoes of any planet, over 1600 major volcanoes/ volcanic features have been found.

Where on earth can volcanoes be found?

anywhere where there is a crack that leads deeper into the earth

Where did volcanoes occur?

Volcanoes occur as a rupture on a planet's crust. Earth's volcanoes are generally found where tectonic plates are converging or diverging. For example, the Earth's Mid-Atlantic Ridge has volcanoes that are caused by divergent tectonic plates that are pulling apart; whereas the Pacific Ring of Fire has volcanoes that are caused by convergent tectonic plates that are coming together.

Where are most earth's volcanoes found?

In blake flake

What two features besides mountains and volcanoes are found at plate boundaries?

Trenches and faults

Can life be found on planet?

Yes! Life could be found on planet earth!

What is the newest planet found?


What inner planet besides Earth may have been most able to support life and why?

Mars, Because they found water like flow patterns like found on Earth, Water is an essential ingredient for life.

How does volcanoes found on the earth surface?

Usually by simple observation.

Is there water on another planet besides Earth?

Yes, scientists found that Mars shows the evidence of having water on its surface at one point in time.