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Are warranties still in effect after a car is reinstated?

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warranties have nothing to do witha repo. YES is your answer

2015-07-15 21:38:47
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Where can I purchase extended auto warranties at ?

You can purchase extended auto warranties for you car at the dealership where you bought the car or directly from the company that manufactured the car. I hope this helps.

What companies offer extended car warranties?

I believe all major car manufacturers offer extended warranties you can purchase. To get a look at all of them you can go to the consumer report website to view each of their warranties.

Best car warranties available online?

Try visiting,,, and for the best car warranties available online.

What about vehicle warranties is true?

Warranty details can vary from car to car.

Does an implied contract exist if a car dealer continues attempting to repair a problem with a car long after all warranties have expired?

If the contract of the warranties is expired, then the car owner would be charge for the repair in the car.

"Where can I find reviews on car extended warranties"?

A number of websites offer car extended warranties on comparison sites such as and and

What are the warranties of buying a used car from a private dealer?

It depends on where you are. In at least some states, when you buy a used car, there is no warranty unless the car is still covered within the terms of the original factory warranty.

Which garages are best for used car warranties?

There are many car garages that offer some of the best and longest used car warranties around. Warranty Direct is one of the top picks for the year 2012.

Which companies supply extended car warranties?

Go on any car dealership website to get more information on purchasing extended car warranties. You will find what you need there, and nowhere else. Or go in person to any car dealership, or ask around.

How long is the average extended car warranty?

The duration of extended car warranties is widely varied depending on the manufacturer of an individual's particular car. However, such warranties typically extend at least ten years from the date of purchase.

Where can I compare used car extended warranties?

Go on any car dealership website to get more information on comparing used extended car warranties. You will find what you need there, and nowhere else. Or go in person to any car dealership, or ask around.

How can I compare extended car warranties easily?

You can open several windows on your internet browser and do page to page comparisons of the two or more extended warranties. You can also call and write down the differences of the warranties.

What website can give good reviews on car warranties?

There are several good websites to find good reviews on car warranties To mention a few good ones such as, or and also

Can you still get a license for a car if you have a DUI?

Once the suspension period which typically follows a DUI is over with, and you've met the conditions to have your driving privilege reinstated, yes.

Are Chrysler warranties good in Canada if the car is bought in the USA?


How long is a new car warranty?

New car warranties are typically anywhere from 3 to 10 years depending on the make and model of car. Some foreign cars do have longer warranties than American cars, but some also have shorter ones. All depends on the car.

Will installing a car alarm void any warranties on my car?

No unless your car already came with an alarm and you are upgrading or changing models.

What is the Best Way to Get BMW Extended Warranties?

The best way to get an extended warranty is from the manufacturer of the car. You can get warranties from companies that do that but there are more regulations and usually will cost more.

Where is the best place to compare extended car warranties?

You can buy extended warranties anywhere. Depneding on how much you are willing and able to spend on them, there are many options for you to consider.

Is it ok to switch from synthetic oil to regular?

yes, if the car manufacturer dictates that regular oil is acceptable. If your car requires synthetic oil as dictated by your owner's manual, then DO NOT use regular oil. May void warranties if your car is still covered.

Is rack and pinion malfunctions covered in car warranties?

That depends on the warranty and the malfunction.

Is there a warranty on a used car purchase?

Sometimes a used car will still have the manufacturer's warranty on it, if it's under the mileage and/or time from initial sale; this depends on the manufacturer. (I know Hyundai will honor its 10-year, 100,000-mile warranty even if the vehicle is sold.) Some used-car dealers will offer their own warranty. Most will offer a third-party warranty for an extra price. some used car lots give very limited waranties others sell waranties Some used cars still have remaining warranties on them whether from manufacturer or an extension. Used car dealers or business owners also give out warranties on specific cars. Depends on the deal that you guys can work on. The best way to determine if a car has warranties is to search up cars classifieds online and locate sellers whether private, dealer or business that gives out warranties to cars. Choose the best deal for you to save more on money.

Do car alarms come with warranties or insurance policies?

Most car alarms will come with a warranty for parts and labor.

Is there a warranty for used cars?

You can still purchase a warranty for a used car. Also, sometimes "used" cars are actually still relatively new, and even are still covered by the factory warranty. Ask the sales person about warranties for all cars you are looking at.

What warranties do the hybrid cars that are listed offer?

The warranties of hybrid cars are dependent upon the manufacturer of the hybrid car. Most hybrid cars come with the standard manufacturer warranty.