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Q: Are watch batteries 377 and SR626SW the same?
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How much is your adolfo watch worth?


What battery goes in a fossil blue am-3920 watch?

Not all Fossil watches carry the same battery, so you'll need to verify the make of your watch and see what battery type is compatible. Replacing batteries yourself can be tricky and could harm the watch internally. Your best bet is to send the watch into Fossil for a replacement. It will cost you $18.50, which includes return shipping and handling fee.

What battery goes into a Milan quartz pocket watch?

Milan quartz Japan movt, pry off back cover, (info written on back cover); MLN838, 138, PC32, Battery 377. remove plastic spacer/battery retainer by lifting out,, replace battery with +/positive side facing out/toward back of watch. info on actual battery ; SR626SW SEIZAIKEN JAPAN

What replacement batter does a Brighton Baltimore watch need?


What batteries does a Remington watch use?

Try turning the watch over and carefully reading the back of the case. Many watch brands actually list the battery number on the back of the case. For instance, the numbers 377 or 2010 are standard watch battery designations. Since the size and shape of the dial does not determine the battery used, for best results take the watch to a local jeweler to have the battery replaced.

What size battery for Swiss military womens 79096 watch?

Energizer 377

Timex watch base medal bezel 377 ba cell?

20 bucks

What size battery does the Franklin mint dale Earnhardt pocket watch take?

626 or 377

What is 377?

377 = 377

What battery goes in bulova watch?

Open the back of the watch, the battery is stamped with a number.

What size batteries does a fossil jr7978 use?

The Fossil JR7978 takes two button cell batteries. The larger battery is LR41 and its a smaller battery 377. To my understanding the larger battery is for the time and the smaller battery is what powers the dial display.

What will happen if you taken oxycodone and tramadol 377 in the same day?