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no, these are all compounds. i dont know what rust is, but water is H2O and salt is NaCl


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Because salt water has codium to make rust.

salt will rust the coin faster thanfresh water

The nail will rust faster in salt water.

Salt Water Because They Rust In Normal Water Too!

First of all Nails in salt water rust quicker. That's because salt is sodium chloride and that affects a nail by rusting it.No i did a experiment on which one rust faster. After 5 days the nail in the tap water rusted way faster than the nail in the salt water. With DISTILLED water, the nail will not rust as fast as the salt. TAP water will rust faster then salt.

why dose a penny rust faster in salt water than in vinegar

Coins rust in saltwater and water.

Salt water will corrode and rust stainless steel. Water alone will rust it but the salt makes the process happen quicker.

Iron will rust more quickly in salt water than fresh freshwater. The salt in the water accelerates the corrosion process.

Most likely salt water because when salt is added to water, it accelerates the rate in which the corrosion(rust) reaction occures.

salt water cause of the salt particals in the water

Salt water will definitely make chrome plated bar stools rust. Bar stools need to be made of anodized aluminum to survive the elements.

The oxygen in the water. This is true for salt water and fresh water.

it gets rusted due to the salt present in the salt water

i believe the nickel wil rust more faster in salt water do to the variety of minerals. Also it doesn't rust that fast do to corrision

steel will rust from a chemical reaction

i would say salt water cuz it has salt

Most likely salt water. The salt accelerates the rate of corrosion, plus it has the oxygen needed for the metal to rust. Tap water has the oxygen too but with the salt also, it would cause the metal to rust more rapidly.

because the salt removes the rust that is forming from the tap water

You rust a nail in either salt water or in vingar that what makes a nail rust

The oxygen and water vapour react, salt speeds this up. Have you ever seen any bridges that rust? That is because they tower over salt water. Oxygen+Water vapour->rust

no water does not salt water desloves metal faster because of the salt

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