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Are wheels on a 1990 Z24 14 inch or another size?


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check the plackrd on the inside of the driver's door hinge when you open the door, otherwise i am pretty sure they are 15 inch. At least all the z24's I knwo were. speciffically the rim was a 15x6. Hope this helps. I believe the tire size is 205/60/15. Someone might have put on 14 in rims, but they should be 15. Otherwise to see whats on there, read the tire size on the sidewall of the tire. If their 14, they are probally 195/70/14. If it were me I'd do the 15 inch. better handleing. On my '88 they stock Z rims 14" ok 90 had 14s with 215/60r14 if u put 195/70r14 on it a more bumpyer ride and u loose all of the handling with the fe3 suspison the 15s were used 93 maybe 94 and up but ur best bet is to do 16s with 205/55r16 its a bigger tire u will have to roll the fender and quarters but better handling and smoth ride


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20 inch wheels are the largest size wheels that will fit into a 1990 Suzuki. A wheel larger than 20 inches will get on the fender well.

The standard wheel size is a 16 inch wheels. There are options available for larger wheels, such as a 17 inch, 20 inch, and 22 inch wheels.

The original tire size for a 1990 Jeep Cherokee Laredo is P195/75R15. The tires are for 15 inch wheels for the vehicle.

The front wheels are 19 inch and the rear wheels are 20 inch.

The 2008 Chevrolet cobalt came standard with 14 inch wheels. 16 inch wheels were available as an option to buyers.

If you have 15 inch wheels on a Sunbird GT the size is 195/65-15. If you have 14 inch wheels the size is 185/75-14. I hope that helps.

Stock tire size for front is 21x8-9 , rear is 22x10-10 . 9 inch wheels front 10 inch rear .

The recommended tire size for a 2002 VW Jetta with 15 inch wheels is 195 65 R15. For 16 inch wheels, the recommended tire size is 205 55 R16.

Depends on what size wheels the frame is made for. You could have an 18" that is meant for 20" BMX wheels, or 26" MTB wheels or 29er MTB wheels. Getting the wheel size wrong is unlikely to result in a nicely rideable bike.

wheels or tires? the wheels are 15 inch the tire size is 235/70/15

The standard wheel size for the GL trim of the 2000 Accent is 13 inch. The GLS model with premium allow wheels comes with 14 inch tires/wheels.

Early S2000's have 16 inch and the later ones have 17 inch wheels

I have 1995 Honda Passport (same as Isuzu Rodeo) and it came stock with 16 inch aluminum wheels. The bolt pattern is 6 lug nuts. The tire size is P245/70 R16 (please note that on tire size the R16 stand for 16 inch wheels)

15 Inch Wheels of course. The Symbol R15 represents the Wheel Diameter.e.g you cant use 20'' Wheels on R15''

The proper tire size for a 1990 dodge dynasty are P195/75R14. These tires are a 14 inch size tire.

the size xxxxxxxxx la the size xxxxxxxxx la the size xxxxxxxxx la the size xxxxxxxxx la

the overall frame size. not specific to wheel size, as most mtb wheels are 26 inch.

The original size wheels that go on the 2002 Dodge Stratus sedan is 16 inches. You can also use 17 and 18 inch wheels as well. The original tire size for this vehicle is 205/60-16.

The 1995 Pontiac Firebird can be fitted with 18x8-inch wheels granted they are designed for this application. A tire size that will work on these wheels are 275/40/18.

16 inch on my 2002 sport (aluminum alloy wheels)

get a tape or look at your tire ,the last # is your wheel side in inch

Yes, if the proper size and lug pattern.

Yes you can put 185/60-14 size tires which will have the overall same diameter as your stock tires. Obviously you will need to get new wheels/rims to accommodate those tires.

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