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Yes. A Bengal tiger is normally white, but can be orange.

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Are white tigers and white Bengal tigers the same?

No, actually there is no such thing as white Bengal tigers. Bengal tigers are orange with black stripes, and Siberian Tigers(white tigers striped in black). Siberian tigers are the same as White tigers.

Is a Bengal tiger the same thing as a white tiger?

A white tiger is a variation of the Bengal tiger that is white with black stripes instead of orange with black stripes. All white tigers are Bengal tigers, but not all Bengal tigers are white tigers.

Why do white tigers look that way?

A genetic defect makes them white. They are really Bengal tigers. no the white tiger and the Bengal and the same people get them micst up the Bengal is the same as the white tiger they just have a differint name

Are snow leopards the same as white tigers?

No..White tigers are only a color morph of the Bengal tiger, and snow leopards are a species of leopard, adapted to cold climates high in the Himalayan mountains.

Are the white tiger and the Bengal tiger the same?

The first white tigers were found among the Bengal race, but cross breeding with siberians have made some hybrid white tigers.

What do white tigers hunt?

White tigers hunt the same prey as any other tiger, they are just genetically mutated bengal tigers!

White tiger prey?

In the wild, white tigers would hunt for the same prey as normal Bengal tigers, such as deer.

Where do arctic tigers come from?

well arctic tigers are actualy the same as white bengal tigers the white unusuall color is caused by a gene malfunction

Do white tigers and normal tigers live and act the same way?

Yes. The "white tiger" is a Bengal tiger with a white coat. The coat color is determined by a recessive gene that is specific to the Bengal subspecies.

On average how big do White Tigers get?

Same as other Bengal tigers, up to 550 pounds or more.

What is the Bengal tiger's regular food?

White Bengal tigers eat the same diet as regular Bengal tigers: They hunt ... also eat food that we would not consider to be the food of a carnivore. Like house cats, tigers ...

Are white tigers albinos?

White tigers are not albinos. White tigers have prominent stripes, but a true albino would have no stripes at all. White tigers are not separate species, just differently colored members of the same species.

Why do you need Bengal tigers?

The Bengal Tigers asked the same question : Why do we need humans?

What the classification of the white Bengal tiger?

White tigers are simply a genetic mutation within all tiger subspecies, so the classification is the same as regular Bengal tigers.Kingdom AnimaliaPhylum ChordataClass MammaliaOrder CarnivoraFamily FelidaeGenus PantheraSpecies TigrisSubspecies TigrisPanthera tigris tigris. Please note that "White Tigers" are simply ordinary tigers with leucism or albinism.

What is the cause of the extinction of the Bengal Tigers?

Bengal Tigers are not in fact extinct, though three sub species are. The cause of the extinction of these three sub species are over hunting, and habitat destruction. The same goes for the Endangering of the other six sub species still alive today.

What are some needs of white tigers?

The needs would be the same as all Bengal tigers. Food, water, and cover for concealment. There has not been a white Bengal seen in the wild for many years. They are only a genetic mutation of the Bengal tiger. > there use to be many Bengal tigers and there would still be a huge population if people would stop hunting then for there coat.., Danika

What is the white Bengal tigers ecosystem look like?

It is the same as a Bengal tiger's ecosystem (generally, white tigers don't survive in the wild, but some do). Forested areas, with maybe some grassland where sambar (Indian deer) would hide. By the way, white tigers have nothing different than orange tigers. A white cat and a black cat are still both cats and act the same. So would the tigers.

How long do white siberian tigers live?

All known naturally occurring White tigers - and there's been preciously few of those - have been bengal tigers. Don't Think there are any White siberian tigers in the wild. Might be a bengal/siberian White cross in captivity somewhere. Which would most likely have the same Life expectancy as its parents.

How are Bengal tigers different to other tiger species?

All tigers are pretty much the same, differing mainly in size. The Bengal is slightly smaller than the Siberian, but larger than the other four subspecies.

What group in scientific classification is where white tigers belong?

White tigers are Bengal tigers with a genetic variant in fur color, therefore they belong in the classification of Panthera Tigris Tigris, the same as other Bengals.

What is the habitat of Bengal tigers and white tigers?

White tigers are a rare varation of the normal bengal tiger. Left to itself, it would hav the same kind of habitat as the normal bengal tigers - the Forests of India and some neighboring countries. But since us humans found the black and White tiger so striking, there are more White tigers alive today in captivity in parks and zoos than there has ever been in the wild. So today, the most probable habitat of a White tiger is a zoo or a park.

Where do white tigers come from?

The white tiger comes from the same place as other tigers. It is not a separate species or subspecies, but appears as the result of a genetic anomaly. Tigers live in hot jungles as well as in snow-covered forests. All wild tigers live in Asia. Some of them live in the snowy forests of Siberia. Others live in the humid jungles of Sumatra. And some live in the dry grasslands of India. Links are provided.inbreeding White tigers are part of the subspecies the Bengal.The white tigers are Bengal tigers with a genetic variation that causes the white fur. They originally came from the Rewa district in India.

Which will win a fight white tiger or bengal tiger?

White tigers are just a genetically flawed version of the Bengal tiger, so either can win, since they are both the same subspecies.

Is a white bengal tiger endangered?

As all tigers are endangered, yes they are. But they are not a separate subspecies from the Bengal tiger. Same animal, just a rare color mutation.

What kind of diet does a white tiger have?

White Tigers, being essentially Bengal Tigers and being raised in captivity, will eat the same foods as any other tiger in captivity would.